Why Are We Still Getting the Flu Shot?


BOSTON – Despite the fact that there is more evidence than ever that the flu shot is harmful and dangerous, the annual flu shot campaign onslaught is about to begin.  

Two days ago, mainstream media reported that miscarriage rates among American women rose 7 fold when receiving the flu vaccine two years in a row.

And in February of last year, the U.S. Special Claims Court vaccine settlement report revealed that 1188% more money was paid out to Americans for flu shot injury and death from the year before — an increase from $4.9m to $60m — a shocking statistic that has still been completely ignored by international media news outlets.

Despite these alarming statistics, Americans get pummeled with pharmaceutical propaganda at every turn — urging them to get the controversial jab, free in many cases, at big box retailers, public libraries, schools and even as incentives for free parking at urgent care centers in Southern California.

Healthcare workers from Georgia to California are being harassed and in some cases losing their jobs if they refuse the shot.

Not only is pharma poisoning us, they are paying us to get poisoned.

Is this America?

Pharma is creating a hypnotic, brainwashing ‘ask your doctor’ campaign that is allowed to continuously roll out propaganda that contradicts the statistics.

This direct-to-consumer form of advertising, which the FDA granted to the pharmaceutical industry in the 1990s during the Clinton Administration, paved the way for pharma to enter the homes of Americans via advertising in mainstream media.

Is there a collusion of cover up by our government to protect the billions earned by pharma each year? Americans can’t sue a vaccine maker, so the incentive for pharma to be accountable is zero. Are they going to continue to be allowed to keep poisoning and destroying the health of Americans all the way to the bank?

Medical Freedom fighters supported President Trump because of his bravery and courage to stand up to pharma on the polarizing issue of vaccines. Trump fearlessly spoke the truth about vaccine injury, without regard for their malignment machine and destructiveness, and openly rejected money from pharma super PACs.

2CFE930B-DE9D-43D5-B5F4-E07526CEB7CF-1445-000005BB7F46063A.jpegHopes were raised even higher when rumors circulated last winter that the President was creating a vaccine commission. Except for a photo op with Trump and Vice President Pence, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has not been appointed, and no vaccine commission has been put into place.

Appointments to HHR, FDA and CDC have all been pro pharma. Have we been duped? Was this all for show to win the vote of medical freedom fighters?

Again we raise the question: why are people still getting the flu shot, and why are pharmaceutical companies allowed to keep shoving it down our throats? And why is our media outlet ignoring this staggering 1188% increase?

Mr. President, here’s a wall that needs your attention. Maybe this one needs to come down.

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  1. Lori, you know I’m a sceptic, but I value open debate, so here’s my question: the miscarriage statistic you mention is alarming. What is your source, exactly? Please cite your sources, because I can’t look up” mainstream media” to find out more.
    P.s. We miss you

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