Amidst Political Chaos, A Salve for The Soul


In the midst of increasing political chaos, we continue our search for truth.

Republican leadership is non-existent; Democrats continue to let lobbyists and corporate agendas dominate the landscape.

According to David Korten, political activist and a former professor at Harvard Business School, we are becoming aware of “accelerating consolidation of global corporate rule,” as agendas unfurl clearly marked by special interests (and fostered by Citizens United).

In other words, we’re a mess.

But, all is not lost. We are a resilient lot. As the world’s eyes watch while we teeter on the precipice of selecting Author Jeff Savenicka new president, Jeffrey Savenick is here to help. 

As an award-winning television producer by day and a metaphysical alchemist by night, Jeff birthed his book, The Universe’s Treasure Map to A Happy Life. 

In the wake of his parent’s death, during a time of spiritual disconnect, Jeff found himself alone on a beach on Christmas Eve and started asking the Universe two questions: “How do we create a good life?” and “How do we work in relationship to the Universe?”  He continued to ask these questions for 7 years.

One day while meditating, he says he experienced what mystics call Satori — an awakening, a universal download of information to his questions.

I’ve just started reading Jeff’s book, and I’m finding it to be a salve for the soul.  I thought it would be a nice read for us all during these times of change.  Jeff thought so too, and has allowed me to gift his book to our community. 

Thank you, Jeff. We mama bear activists need it now more than ever.

Enjoy the read.  And if you are so inclined, please share your thoughts with Jeff by leaving him comments below. 



Jeff Savenick lives in the Southern California with his wife Elizabeth and their young son, Bodhi.



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