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Smoking: Just What the Doctor Ordered

I am truly saddened that the people of California entrusted their government to Senator Richard Pan. IMAO, he is the picture of what’s wrong with medicine today.

“There’s no scientific evidence to prove vaccines causes autism.”
– Sen. Dick Pan

Since when does a doctor diagnose his patients based on a scientific study?

Aren’t they supposed to look at what they see in front of them? Oh wait — he’s a pediatrician, but he doesn’t really see patients anymore and hasn’t for years. So how does he know what these families are going through every single day and night of their lives?

He doesn’t.

I see no compassion. I see no evidence of a kind healer.

So I say this, Dick Pan:

“There is no evidence of any kind to prove going to medical school makes you a healer — a bearer of light who seeks first to DO NO HARM. I think you might have taken the hypocritic oath by mistake, so please resign yourself from all activity around legislating our rights away and get yourself together.”

– Me

Sen. Pan, why don’t you try looking into the eyes and faces of a family that lives with vaccine injury EVERY DAY? Search ‪#‎HearThisWell‬ on youtube to see the proof. No? Oh that’s right. You don’t want to look the truth in the eye, because then you will have to live with the truth of what you are doing.

You don’t know the truth because you DON’T WANT to know the truth. You want to stay ignorant so you feel justified in what you are doing. You don’t want to feel guilty for taking that plenitude of big pharma money that funded your two elections and keep pushing their agenda like a good doobie. Just like Merck, you have no interest in being accountable, you just want to keep counting your donations.

You are an ego out of control, sir. And I am saddened that you are trying to drag our state and our country down to your level (you can’t btw, your rookie, out-of-touch legislation has only brought us out of the woodwork and into the streets where we are talking and bonding and sharing and working together).

This MESS called a vaccine program must be sorted out, making them MANDATORY certainly is not the issue. Parents ABSOLUTELY will have free choice to opt out. And even when and if it IS sorted out, our bodies and our children’s bodies belong to US. So keep your greedy mitts OFF!

‪#‎TheWorldisWakingUp‬ Sen. Pan, don’t you think it’s time you do, too?


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