Baby Gets Thrown Out with the Bathwater


Baby Gets Thrown Out with the BathwaterBummer.

Yesterday, I thought the world had changed.  I posted a list of ways to improve your immune system that supposedly came from Johns Hopkins.  My apologies to my readers.  Unfortunately, as the haters are quick to point out, I was wrong — not about the information, which I will stand by wholeheartedly.  But about it being published by Johns Hopkins.

Do you know this guy?  He is only one of four people ever in the history of man to win more than one  Nobel Prize.  He’s also one of only two people in the history of man to win Nobel Prizes in more than one category (chemistry and peace).

I’ve shared his bio with my subscribers because I think he’s one of the most important men in modern medicine.  And here’s why.

Despite what history wants the world to believe, Dr. Linus Pauling came up with a cure for cancer in the 1970s. Unfortunately, he did so at a time when the energy of the planet was not yet ready for a cure.  So instead of embracing his research and building on its discoveries, the world (including the Mayo Clinic) spent much of its time attempting to discredit his work in cancer and vitamin c.  Unfortunately, these experiments were like apples and oranges to the original experiments, differing by not only the length of dosage but also the form of vitamin c used.

Why did this happen?  For one, vitamin c is not a patentable form of treatment.  As a result, it is a threat to the profitability of every pharmaceutical company on the planet.  Moreover, cancer treatment centers–much like dialysis centers for kidney patients —  are very big money makers for many companies and hospitals, offering treatment that not only holds no guarantee but is also often debilitating, and very expensive.  Did you know that according to the National Cancer Institute, Cancer expenditures for 2006 were $104 billion dollars?  Billion.  All that for a dis-ease that, according to the American Cancer Association‘s 2010 report, is on the decline.



But don’t take my word for it.  I’m just a holistic health practitioner with an MBA who used to raise money on Wall Street for pharmaceutical companies.  If you care about this issue at all , be sure to read the hoax disclaimer on the Johns Hopkins website.  As you read decide for yourself if you think this response is written from a place of working together to help heal individuals on the planet, or if the tone is more authoritarian written in an indirect and unclear fashion.

As a holistic practitioner who has witnessed miracles in the reversing of cancer and dis-ease of all types for more than 17 years, I can tell you unequivocally your mind controls your body.  No institution or pill or laser or doctor can keep you on this planet if you no longer want to live.  Moreover, no institution or pill or laser or doctor can kill you if you’ve decided you’re not finished yet.  We are complex creatures with three dimensions: mind, body and spirit.  And unless we deal with disease on all three levels, we are simply time bombs for the next round.

Empower yourself to know what’s best for you, and to follow your instinct on what is really true.


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  1. With Chris it’s all about the “facts,” but I hear you, and I don’t like microwaves, either. My son says they’re stinky. I also like to use food I can identify. The closer to the ground the better, and the best is right off the bush. love, Jane

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