#PanRan, but will #BenAct? His Lips are Moving...



Dear Senator Allen:

How are things?  It’s been awhile since we chatted.  But I’ve been keeping up with you through my friends, Dana and Safika, in this post SB 277 apocalypse.

In fact, it seems they caught up with you yesterday at an event in Hermosa Beach.  You remember Dana and Safika — they are the moms you met last spring at the beginning of your push to sponsor SB277.  They were the moms that did what they were supposed to do and vaccinated their kids, only to have their children become vaccine injured? Remember, we discussed the fact that we don’t vaccinate for TB in America?

Anyway, you seem to be doing well — so dashingly handsome, single, senator on-the-go, rising star of the Democratic Party. 

Why do you have to go ruin it by being on the wrong side of history?

Your ‘homegirl’ Dana, as you called her in a social media post from your holiday party in December, is trying to help you.  She is literally moving mountains, giving you private access to the most in-demand documentary on the planet.   You know how I know this?  Because 3-5 cities a day are being added to the VAXXED film schedule, and they are selling out.  Since I brought the film to a film festival in Florida, I am getting bombarded with requests from around the world from people who want to do the same.  I watched an Australian filmmaker change her plane ticket in Florida just to stay one more day to see it.  Kinda surprised you wouldn’t jump at the chance when Dana, in the video above, offers you a private link…

I really thought Robert De Niro’s call for ‘everyone to see this film’ would pique your interest, especially since you are the main co-sponsor of the most aggressive vaccine mandates in the history of California.  After all, at the very least, don’t you want to see what all the hoopla is about?  I mean, it is your legacy we’re talking about.  I would think checking in with a CDC whistle blower who claims they committed fraud by hiding a link between autism and the MMR would be high on your list.

Vaccine injury is real and you are putting California’s children at risk.  The U.S. Government said so when it declared that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.  Because Ronald Regan ‘with mixed feelings’ gave vaccine makers immunity from prosecution in 1986, there is zero accountability to the American public for the damages they are causing.  It’s also one of the reasons I have to spend my Saturday night wading through reports like this.  My conscience won’t allow me to sleep when I know the children of California are at risk.  How about yours, Ben?

We know Pan got the best of you, he got the best of a lot of people.  But the truth is, what you thought was a political slam dunk is actually turning in to a test of character: are you willing to stand up for truth and what is right? Are you Superman or the Titanic?  Because now, one year later, there is a tidal wave of truth headed for the shores of your political career.  The right choice is to stand in the sand of the great state of California, put SB277 on ice and warn the public that until we can sort out the truth about the CDC, fraud, corruption and the dangers of our incompetent vaccine system, we have no choice but to postpone implementing SB277.  It’s the right thing to do.  The wrong choice is to just keep swimming out to sea, where we will lose you forever. 

Takes a big man to admit he made a mistake.  Takes an even bigger man to stand up for what is right when he admits to it.

This could be the best move of your political career, if you have the guts to keep it real.

We’re constituents, so we’re counting on it.  Don’t let us down on your maiden voyage.

Back to my Saturday night project.  Boy, these flu shots are really costing the American public.  I’m on my third piece of paper — both sides — just listing out all the 2015 settlements from flu shot vaccine injuries alone.

…but that’s another story.

Just another Saturday night.

[drops mic]




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  2. Gotta LOVE Dana’s persistence in pursuing Ben Allen! Gotta give her a medal for remaining polite, too! That’s more than I could have done by a long shot.

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