Better, Faster, Cheaper Vaccines: American Moms Demand Better for Our Children

So let me get this straight: our government has paid out $4 billion in vaccine injury settlements over the past 20 years. In America, 54% of our children have some sort of health diagnosis meaning they are sick.  And yet as mothers, we’re forced to risk harm to our kids or be denied an education, yet in Japan mothers get vaccines in SINGLE doses? Maybe in Japan they’ll get this cool vaccine patch a young girl developed which has only a mega mini dose of the virus and zero toxic ingredients, is safer and effective and costs only $.50 to make?

Explains why Merck’s Julie Gerberding just sold 38,000 shares of Merck stock Memorial Day weekend… 

We’re just the country where the vaccines are made.  We’re the guinea pigs for the world, held hostage by our own corporations and a government that caters to their every whim while we trapse week after week to Sacramento, demanding better for our children and our country.

We should be getting paid, not these lousy politicians.

It’s time for change.


#TheWorldisWakingUp #KillSB277

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