Boil Bananas Before Bed, Drink the Liquid and You Will Not Believe What Happens to Your Sleep


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  1. From London, June 2016:
    Vaccination is not mandatory anywhere in UK BUT universities are notifying ( threatening) school leaving pupils that hepatitis/meningitus vaccination will be required for current new admissions this autumn.

    Already a son of one of our Arnica ( a movement to inform re: vaccines etc.) assistant leaders has been hounded out of his first year at physiotherapy college by McCarthy type inquisitions which is, among other things, insisting that as he is not a doctor he is not qualified to judge his own state of health. He has never had a day’s illness in his life and never had a vaccination – as his mother is exceptionally well informed.

    Here in the UK we have several organisations with thousands of members who are impatiently awaiting the Film “VAXXED” to come here, please Lori… Diana Rustam Dip Ed Dip Hom. Arnica group leader.

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