Non-psychotropic CBD oil was declassified by President Obama as part of the 2014 Farm Act.

As a result, Americans are now starting to wake up quickly to the incredible health benefits that researchers have known for years.

Noted physician and natural medicine doctor Dr. Abbas Qutab shares the benefits of this phenomenal supplement, which is now legal in all 50 states, from an attached article found in Vitamin Retailer Magazine from 2015.

What’s more, a brand new company is making CBD oil without the psychotropic affects of THC available that is 100% bioavailable — a groundbreaking find since the industry leader is currently only 37% absorbable.

We can’t make medical claims about CBD in this article, but we can tell you to Google it. What you will find is a treasure trove of white papers, research and results linking CBD oil to a host of symptoms and diseases in relation to symptom reversal. You will be stunned to see the amount of research and data linking this unbelievable oil to concrete results.

The company is in pre-launch, but as a MSJ subscriber, you are hearing about it here first.  And for $39 you can get your own account and for $119 a bottle of this incredible, 100% bioavailable CBD oil delivered right to your door.

Don’t wait, this is going to change the world. Let it begin with yours.



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