Standoff at Standing Rock Set for Dec. 5th


Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America, tells The Mom Street Journal why Dec. 5th marks the next big standoff at Standing Rock… #NoDAPL

New Zealand Non Native Women:

Link to Haka:

To Donate to the people at Standing Rock:, Go to ACTION and click on Protect Our Water or and donate directly.


  1. I totally agree! I want to go out to Standing Rock right now and stand with the Sioux, who seem to be the only people left who value water more than oil or money.

  2. Please realize there are some inaccuracies to this. There are always two sides or more of a story. I live in the community where this is happening and people forget there is a lot of collateral damage to our community because of this. The fear and the lies on both sides of the issues. (the sides are the company and the protesters. The police are caught in the middle. The are trying to enforce the law as safely as possible for all concerned. Just 2 nights ago the protesters came into our city and were protesting a hardware store where my son’s friend works (she is 17). They were trying to come into the store to protest or something. They had weapons. Police were called to protect and stop. It is illegal to do what they were doing. Needless to say this 17 year old girl was very frightened. This is something that is occurring daily. None of us feel safe any more.

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