California’s Unborn Children At Risk: CA Joins NY in Ignoring the Law


flushotfederToday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., along with Eric Gladen, yours truly, vaccine litigator Robert Krakow, and independent attorney Caitlyn Oblowsky, submitted a letter to all of California’s legislators asking them to reverse the mercury exemption granted by California Health Secretary Diana Dooley and “simply enforce the (prop. 65) law.” 

Dooley, who exempted California’s mercury law because of what she is reporting is a “shortage” of mercury-free flu vaccines used in pregnant women and infants, is clearly not doing her homework.  That’s because your truly, upon hearing Dooley’s reasons were based on a shortage of non-mercury-containing fluzone and flumist vaccines, contacted the makers of those vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur (SP).

It took about 3 weeks, but SP finally provided to the MSJ a written statement verifying that the State of California is lying, since they confirmed that there is no shortage of the mercury-free shots and that their inventory is shipping on time.

Personally, I don’t think any flu shots are worth a hill of beans.  But when I see the State of California exempting mercury laws to allow for the injection of mercury-containing vaccines to be injected into pregnant women and infants in the name of a shortage that doesn’t exist, I can’t sit by idylly and do nothing.

I can, however, shout it from the google mountaintops, pointing out that our correspondence from Sanofi Pasteur is a direct contradiction to what the State if California is reporting.

Health Secretaries for both California and New York have used the “shortage” as a reason to exempt the law in both states, allowing mercury-containing flu shots to be injected into pregnant women and infants.  Unless mothers-to-be ask their doctors specifically for the mercury-free version of the flu vaccine, they are taking a risk that they are exposing themselves and their unborn child to a deadly neurotoxin, which is one of the reasons the mercury laws were originally passed — to protect the unborn.

RFK Jr., et al is requesting the exemption via a letter sent out to every legislator in California, including Gov. Brown, this afternoon. 

California attorney Caitlyn Obolsky also endorses the request, which is a call to action for concerned families to take the letter to their legislators and ask them why this is happening.

“It’s inexplicable why public health authorities would repeatedly circumvent a law that keeps an unnecessary neurotoxin (mercury) out of vaccines that are being injected into pregnant women and infants,” said Krakow. “At some point, you have to ask yourself ‘for whom do these laws exist?’  Because they certainly aren’t being enforced.”

A copy of the letter in its entirety is posted here








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