42-17987013Oh boy, here we go again.  Another news blitz about a flu bug. What are we going to do about this one… lock the doors and windows, cancel our calendars, stay inside and watch CNN while consuming copious amounts of emergen c?

Now a little emergen c is fine.  I recommend it to clients all the time.  But the above scenario does NOT sound like fun.  It sounds like fear.

What is fear? False Evidence Appearing Real.   In my opinion, the most important thing FDR ever said was “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” And we need to remember that right now.  Why?

Because there are always going to be bugs in the outer world.  There’s nothing we can do to control that, at all.   So let it go.

Got that?

Let. it. Go.

Remember the serenity prayer? Now would be a good time to realize the swine flu falls into the category of one of those things you can’t change.

Now, let’s focus on what we CAN do.  I’m a CAN-DO kinda gal, so here we go.

What we CAN DO is control our inner world…  that’s one world where we have TOTAL dominion.  Did you catch that word, dominion?  it’s a very powerful word.  Check it out:

Merriam-Webster defines dominion as having  sovereign authority.  Wow.   I like that.

So let’s review.  Outer world: zero control.  Inner world: sovereign authority.  Where do you want to put your focus?  I know where I’m going!

If we want health — which connects to peace, peace to joy, joy to happiness and happiness to abundance — we can only get it one way: by aligning our conscious mind with the tools we have to take responsibility for our health.  What does that mean?  We are given a mind, a body and a spirit to use in whatever ways we see fit.  If we use our powers of discernment, discipline and fortitude we can make choices each day that will strengthen our immune systems instead of tearing it down.

Remember, whether it’s a bacteria, a virus or a cancer cell — it cannot take hold where there is no opportunity.  The catch is, no one can do it for us.  No doctor, lawyer, minister, friend, lover, co-worker, family member.  We have to do it for ourselves, and it’s in the choices we make each day.

Learn how to cultivate your immunity, strike a balance, and then enjoy your life.  It is that simple.  (For more specifics on how to cultivate immunity please read the April 23 post.).

In the meantime, here are a few simple ways you can start to strengthen your overall well being right now:

remote-control1. Turn off your television. If you want information about minimizing your risk of exposure, go to the CDC website and learn the facts from a neutral source instead of the more sensationalized version.   This is an important step in eliminating fear and controlling your thoughts.

2. Always wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer. If you’ve ever worked in a hospital you know there are purell dispensers everywhere — when you can’t wash your hands, using hand sanitizer is the simplest way to prevent the spread of any kind of germs and should be done as a matter of practice anyway.

3. Take a good probiotic. The best way to kill bacteria and viruses if they are in your system is to have your own army at-the-ready.  A good probiotic will always keep you in good standing.

Make choices that will strengthen who you are, not tear you down.

The Swine Flu is no different than any other germ that is floating around in space. Use your power to be strong and build your immunity so there will be no opportunity for it to take hold.  You will have no reason to fear the Swine Flu or any other flu.  It simply won’t be possible.

As we say in Ayurveda, all healing happens in the mind, because the mind is where we make choices about our behavior.  So we start today by controlling our thoughts.  Remember, the mind controls the body, the spirit controls the mind.

Take your power, take dominion over your world.

Peace and Blessings.

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  1. Good article. They are really blowing the flu out of proportions and I suspected “evil” reasoning behind them doing it beyond just selling newspappers. Marshal law? Forced immunizations? By the way, can you add a Twitter button so I can easily pass your data on?

    Have a great day and keep on writing.

    Carl the Poet (on Twitter)

    • thanks so much, Carl. Really appreciate the comment! I need to figure out how to add the twitter button (wordpress newbie). In the meantime, I will tweet you so you can RT the message. Love and light, Lori

  2. Hello,

    Let me give you an example. Please visit my page:

    In the upper right hand corner, directly below my pic, there is a button that says “Share”
    If you click on it, You can post to Twitter and many other sites my URL and make a comment about my page. (Feel free to promote this page for me!)

    When I visit a page, if I like the contents, I share it. I use twitter as my posting “base Station” When I post a url and comment on Twitter, I have it automatically set up to post the same url and comment on Myspace, Facebook and Plaxo. I have a lot of comm lines on Facebook and Plaxo.

    So by putting a “share” button on your articles you can increase your exposure many times super fast. I haven’t figured out how to embed the share button into emails yet but putting on on the webpage with your article is super easy, just grab the hmtl. On the share button, when the button drops open at the very bottom, there is an “add this” link. You can get the code there.

    Feel free to help me help others by putting links to my site where every you feel appropriate if you’re so inclinded.

    Have a great day and keep on writing!
    Carl the Poet (my Twitter name)

  3. Funny, I wrote a very similar post just yesterday about the economic/environmental crisis and my response: http://tinyurl.com/cd2uga

    And then started the #swineflu stuff. Kind of blew me out of the water. My reaction is much like yours – What can I do? Do what I can and then let it go.

    But here’s my problem. My Dad is immuno- compromised and in about 5 days we need to get on a plane to San Francisco, for my brothers long awaited and happy day, his wedding.

    Sometimes things are at a distance, this on the other hand feels very close to home. Maybe it’s because we’ve been in prolonged health crisis with my Dad, and I’m in overload.

    I am working hard not to worry, and to take rational steps. As ever, maintaining my sense of the absurd…But I would really like the Universe to chill out.

    Take care,

    hyperlocavore – a yard sharing community

    • hi liz,

      thanks for the reply. i will check out your post. you need to get your dad three things for the plane ride: 1. emergen c – take a packet with water as soon as you are in the air, 2. vitamin o which he can take either in water or sublingually and 3. probiotics, which he should be taking all the time anyway. but for sure the day you travel.

      what is his illness?


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