Download a Free Postcard to Send to Your Legislators


We are so fortunate to have these custom PDFs from Grafito Graphics of Ocala, Florida, which are downloads of postcards to send to your legislators. You can have them.printed and pass them around to your community. Graffito Graphics has given us permission to spread them far and wide.

Choose from the two front options (one has an Einstein quote, the other the 4 points from Vaxxed). The back is boilerplate language asking your lawmaker to subpoena William Thompson at the CDC, and requires simply that you write in the name of the lawmaker to whom you are sending the postcard, and of course, add a stamp.  😉

[one_third]Front Option #1:
Einstein Quote
[/one_third][one_third]Front Option 2:
4 Points from Vaxxed
Boilerplate Language

If you or your community is unsure who your lawmaker is, direct them to the black stripe down the center which contains the link to, which will tell you by zip code the name of your representatives and senators.

Thanks again to Grafito Graphics for these wonderful PDFs! Pass it on!

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