Ailments don’t just happen overnight, they happen over time.

That’s why today’s post is about Diabetes and how to minimize your risk of getting it.

Diabetes currently affects 25.8 million people of all ages in the United States (8 percent of the U.S. population).  It is especially debilitating because it forces a radical alteration of lifestyles and often includes manual injections with insulin to keep stabilized.

So this post is to help you be more aware of how to minimize your risk now so you never have to experience this dis-ease.


Five Ways to Prevent Diabetes

  1. Avoid hidden sugars by reading labels.  Be especially mindful of condiments and processed foods which almost always contain sugar.


  2.  Moderately consume foods that turn to sugar:  bread and pasta; milk & cheese; beer, wine and other alcohol;  balsamic vinegar.


  3.  Moderately consume sweets.  If you have an aggressive sweet craving, do a parasite and liver cleanse and take a probiotic to rebalance.


  4.  Do an annual cleanse to rid your gut of  undigested food bits and parasites, and to jump-start your enzymatic action (spleen, pancreas, gall bladder and liver).


  5.  Eliminate coffee — it starts your day off acidic and makes your pancreas work harder to process other foods.

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