I love my country.  I just don’t love what’s happening to our independence.

Whether we know it or not, our rights are being jeopardized.  Every day, there are more and more indications that we have less and less choice about how to live our lives.

My example came in the mail yesterday, as I received a notice that our pediatrician — a doctor we see only once a year for wellness visits, because our four-year-old son is radiantly healthy — is dropping us as a patient because we don’t vaccinate our child.  Evicted, with only 30 days to find another pediatrician.

Because we are spending some time with family in a small town, we don’t have as many options as we have in Los Angeles (even though I still consult with the Awesome Dr. Lauren Feder from time to time).  I had to call four pediatricians before I found one that would take us here as a patient, simply because we don’t vaccinate.

Ironically, the same day I received the letter notifying us our pediatrician was dropping us, I received an article in the mail from a friend dropping this BOMBSHELL:

May 12, 2012, Dr. Laura Hewitson and her colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh reported that after conducting proper safety research, infant monkeys given standard doses of childhood vaccines developed autism.

Google it.  Why wasn’t it on the front page of the papers?  Because pharmaceutical companies have us brainwashed and have manipulated us into believing what they tell us.  Just this week Glaxo SmithKline were fined $3 billion for unethical practices.

And that’s not even the most egregious act.  Continuing to inject our children with vaccines that have not been regulated or properly tested, that have hundreds of thousands of families up in arms because their children have suffered life-changing damage, is unconscionable.

If you haven’t, read my post on vaccinations here.

…and enjoy your independence, while you can.


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  1. jane Warden on

    Hewitson’s research group of primates was only 11- 2 in her control group had brain shrinkage after being injected with a placebo. Additionally, she did not include all original subjects in her results, selecting the ones she wanted. Also, she has a direct conflict of interest since she has a child with autism and is affiliated with a lawsuit.
    I don’t think this is good science. But I am glad my little nephew is well!! Hope there is not too much rain there, love to all, Jane

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