Help Me Be A Christmas Elf


I always wanted to be a Christmas Elf.

When I was 6, I was obsessed with the little critters.  I used to draw them all the time — loved how their little shoes curled up at the toes, and their hats hung toward the floor in a point, much like their boss, The Big Santa Man.

Now I’m older, but I still like to think of myself as being young at heart. My elfin adoration is probably why I still like giving presents more than getting them.  Being an elf has a very high job satisfaction level.

But this Christmas I am having a hard time flowing into my elf spirit.  You see, after almost 14 months of W A I T I N G, we were finally able to sell a home that no longer served our needs.  We can now finally live our priorities by spending time with some of our extended family.  And that is priceless.

I digress.

We have four days left to pack.  If you could see the chaos in my house right now, you’d say, “Lori, what are you doing sitting at the computer, looking at elf pictures?  Pack those boxes!”

And that’s why Elf Lori needs your help.

I don’t have time this year to get on my full elf the way I usually do.  There will be no tree in our home, no plethora of gifts, no grand display of gourmet delights.  There simply isn’t the time.

But there is time to tell you about a family I heard about who, as of Sunday night, is fighting for life.  The daddy, who is an hourly employee at Home Depot, was found the other day laying on the ground in the back of the store with a cracked skull in a pool of blood.  He was rushed to the hospital where he is in ICU fighting for his life.  He was quickly rallied around by his church family.  His real family, however, almost didn’t make it to his side because they didn’t have gas money for the car.  Their children are well loved in their schools and their community, and the parents are always there to volunteer for anything that needs to be done. They build backdrops for school plays, enlist themselves in tasks, activities — always smiling, pleasant and happy.

I can’t imagine being a child at Christmas and watching my daddy lie helplessly in a hospital bed.  What will happen to these kids Christmas spirit if there is no Santa this year?  How will the boy feel, having to step into his daddy’s shoes to be there for his mom and sister — shoes that are too big for a young boy of 15 to fill?

My family has always been there for me.  So this year, since we’re moving, I’m donating my Christmas tree money to help this family who needs help.  Will you help me?  You have more power in numbers than you know.  I know times are tough, we all have taken a hit financially.  But if we each give,  even $1, together we can help this family lighten their burden.  All you have to do is click here and make a donation, it can make a difference in their lives, and in their ability to help their daddy heal.  The real gift is for you, and how good you will feel, helping someone you don’t even know.

Go on, put on the elf hat.  You know you want to…

Peace and Blessings to you this holiday season.

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