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hope2 Sadly, the majority of California’s legislators have been hijacked by super pacs and special interest.  Want a change? Can’t very well sit around and complain about political corruption if we’re not willing to get involved, that would be bad karma…

Instead, read below and let Dr. Mike Liddell explain how YOU can be on the front line of shutting down our broken system, and still keep your day job and your families sane.

There is hope for restoring parental rights in California!

It’s called CIRRRA 2016!

Please read the message below, then click here to find your facebook group by county.
Urgent!!! Must Read for all Vax Concerned Parents!

SB277 FIGHT IS STILL ALIVE AND STRONGER THAN EVER! Take this moment to take back all of your liberties and simply read on!

Our ONGOING fight has just taken a slightly different shape since we got kicked in the gut, but now it’s THOUSANDS of times more powerful then winning the referendum could have ever yielded! We are setting up to fix political corruption all together here in California because our State is as corrupt as they come! This NEW and FAR more improved effort is scheduled to take the place of SB277 Referendum on the November 2016 Ballot!

Yes, it’s not too late to actually fix all of this! As desperate and concerned parents having our kids kicked out of school and/or forced to comply with dangers we simply could not accept, we started a campaign that had to be thrown together on a moments notice and without any advanced preparation in place that is needed to coordinate a SOUND change to our Legislative system! Fear not the setback, because as it turns out there is no setback at all! What was felt to be a loss of our liberties and a loss of credibility for having put ourselves out there has now turned into a FIX that gets to the heart of all fixes and literally solves the core reason why we did not get our Referendum on the Ballot!

The signature gathering threshold was not attainable — that was the reason, especially given the pen and paper system in place and less than three months we had to collect the signatures with absolutely nothing in place. Pretty remarkable effort all things considered. Hot topic and all that many people were uncomfortable with and all volunteers having to wear some pretty harsh educational hurdles!

We have built the bionic woman of all Legislative proposals and her Name is CIRRRA! We are unofficially calling our Initiative proposal CIRRRA of 2016 until the Attorney General names her for us but we have requested they keep this name and it stands for California Initiative, Referendum and Recall Reform Act of 2016. All details are now centrally located on our Website at: You should be getting the idea by now because we have been doing our best to share every step of making this proposal available for you all to help and have it possible to get on her the November 2016 ballot!

We have succeeded at bringing CIRRRA to you all but now its time for you all to get fired up again. And help bring her to the voters of California. All of our credibility is still at stake and so is our children’s future! We must fight one more round in order to stay in the game! You can never be too tired or to burned out to give up on your children’s future!

Here are the ACTION STEPS to take to take back the control of our ENTIRE political system not just our right to have our kids in School!

• JOIN “V.O.T.E!” The group’s only purpose is to put this initiative onto the November Ballot 2016! You can’t allow yourself miss it on Facebook!
Click here to find the link to your County and JOIN one of our 58 Facebook groups already created and individually set up to simply be run by the warriors in each County! There is opportunity for everyone in the entire State to get involved so there is no excuse!
• Be one of 5,000 participants to simply get 100 registered voter signatures on the same pen and paper format that the Referendum used! Yes, I said only 100 each! You don’t have to explain everything to every person at this time you can simply share our website to help people understand for themselves! Also, you don’t have to fear the message sharing this with anyone because its simply is asking that Our California Constitutional right as voters to use Initiative, Referendum and Recall processes that allow us to write our own laws, stop laws that our representative write and fire them when they are not representing the people is only being asked to work without having to use the crude pen and paper system that kept us from getting the Referendum on the ballot where all voters could decide!

We are asking to Make Digital Signatures Legal and transparently counted directly on the Secretary of State’s Website! This puts us back in the driver’s seat as voters for the first time in history! Even when these processes were put in to our Constitution in 1911 they still had to get signatures in this fashion! Not after this goes into effect so imagine what we can do once it’s in place!

You can use all of the same brilliant techniques that we used during the referendum like setting up at churches who are willing to allow thousands of members to be accessed for the convenience of signing our proposals! This time you only need to get 100 signatures but more is always welcome and if you start now you can have them ready to go way ahead of time and collect your signatures in only a moment of your life if you just create a place and time to meet everyone YOU involve!

Work in teams to get to 100 or to get to 10,000 it is all perfectly acceptable as long as we have petitions filled out with actual registered voter signatures and no duplicates or multiple Counties all on one petition errors that come from not paying attention to mass and random signings! You all have plenty of time to contact our county voter registration departments and verify the exact information needed for each voter to sign and have it count. We have provided all of the information needed to do this on each county site!

We have been getting this ready while everyone has had time to rest and recover from the Referendum and now it’s ready to go and been made very easy to get in and get out and be done. This does not have to take away from any other fight or commitment as it can literally be set up in your spare time and on the side or even by someone else if you help them find the way here! We have a set time frame that we intend to collect all signature in and it’s between April 10th, 2016 and April 24th, 2016. That’s it — 100 signatures in two weeks that you can have ready to go way ahead of time! Turn in date is Tuesday April 26th and then we go to work letting representatives who failed us know that we have a new law proposal coming in November and they are up for Recall, possibly all of them and all at once if we want.

We can also follow up with giving them a pay cut and benefits to match the rest of us and not the ones they gave themselves! Of course the ballot measure would have to be approved by all voters first, do you know anyone other than politicians who are happy about how much money they make to screw us all over! If any single person thinks they are going to get 500,000 signatures in two weeks by themselves they would be crazy, I assure you all that I am not crazy and that this is completely doable!

We need 5,000 people who actually still care and that is it! Without it this is just a waste of opportunity to fix everything and if group leaders are not able to promote this they are simply not in this fight for the same reasons! The best and most devastating part that our opposition simply does not see coming is that we are asking not for Vaccination Legislation just yet, but we are asking for the greatest most diabolical problem known to human kind to be fixed, and of all time, which is the single greatest source of so much war, death, and destruction, and accounts for the even vaccinations! It’s Political Corruption that’s the cause and without it none of this is necessary. If that does not piss you all off more than anything then all is seriously lost!

This is my last personal call on the vaccination groups because we simply can’t beat a dead horse or dead horses anymore! The ball is literally and collectively your court to get back in this fight! I will see those of you warriors of freedom from inside of the heart of CIRRRA!

Carpe Diem!

Mike F. Liddell DC

V.O.T.E. Voters Organized to Engage As a people’s political choice coalition of volunteers, we are dedicated to citizens having open involvement create effective results.

Join us and begin building your team and ours today!

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  1. Mike, I am all for this but please PLEASE hire an editor or a publicist to write your message. The above is loaded with misspellings and typos and if you want to be taken seriously as a professional grassroots organization you can’t let stuff go out like this.

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