US Vax Court Sees 400% Increase in Vaccine Injury Payouts, Flu Shot Wins Top Honors for Biggest Payout


reaganVaccine injury cases are on the rise people, so if you’ve got your head in the sand and you haven’t been paying attention, it’s time to wake up.

Here’s a little background for those of you just getting started.

Ronnie Reagan… almost 30 years ago to the day, the 40th president of the United States signed away the rights of Americans to sue vaccine makers, replacing them with a law that forces families who have suffered vaccine injury or death to sue the U.S. government instead of a pharmaceutical company.

As a result, special masters from the United States Special Claims Court, also known for our purposes as the vaccine court, are given full authority as judge with no jury to decide the fate of Americans who have had the unfortunate ‘luck’ to be stricken by a vaccine injury — which can range from chronic, mild symptoms to death.

Once a year, this non-traditional court provides the public with a glimpse into its inner workings, by issuing an annual report on its website — a ritual that happens every January.  The report is sent to the President of Congress, otherwise known as the Vice President of the United States, where it is intended to serve as a bell weather monitoring reactions the American public may be having to vaccinations that are increasingly becoming forced by government mandates around the country.

Great, right?  Accountability in action?


The report, which is consistently ignored by mainstream media/politicians/health officials and the CDC, lies dormant on the reports page of the U.S. Special Claims Court website

No headlines, no press release, no analysis, no alert the media, no nothing.

No surprise, given that most people in America don’t even know that vaccines were ruled to be unavoidably unsafe by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011.  Also no surprise, that mainstream, co-opted, globalist elite media constantly ignore this report, along with sane arguments made by health freedom advocates about the dangers and risks of vaccine injury (‘look! a unicorn!’), instead using terms like ‘the science is in,’ and vaccine risk has been ‘debunked,’ to deter rational discussion pertaining to evidence that is hiding in plain sight.

Also no surprise that the U.S. Special Claims Court offers up an ineffective, low tech, archaic version of the report every year.  Instead of a nice, sort-able spread sheet, the court posts a scanned PDF document — a format which requires labor-intensive activities to conduct any sort of concrete analysis.  One must either re-data-entry all 220+ pages which would take weeks, or conduct an extensive, hand-written breakdown by vaccine of each case, combined with extensive tallying and organization efforts in order to identify statistical relevance and trends emerging from the vaccine court.

Is this by design?  Perhaps.  Most definitely it is at the very least a deterrent from having anybody actually sit down and try to analyze the damn thing.

Which is exactly why we do it, every year since 2014.  Not to be deterred, it took us 10 months to finally finish our analysis of this year’s report.  But once we did, the trends we found were shocking — not just because of what they revealed about the continual increase in vaccine injury, but also because of the deafening silence present among the halls of mainstream media, as vaccine injury continues to be a subject that journalists and media outlets ignore — chalking it up to yet another conspiracy theory from yet another fake news site.

Well pull up a chair and hold on to your hats, because guess what we discovered:

  1. Vaccine court settlement payouts increased in total $91.2 million in 2015, up from $22.8 million in 2014 to $114 million in 2015 — a 400% increase.
  2. Vaccine court settlement payments for flu shots increased the most, from $4.9 million in 2014 to $61 million in 2015 —  an increase of more than 1000%, despite autumnal onslaughts every year of media/pr/advertising campaigns urging Americans to ‘get your flu shot,’ with total abandon for the statistical facts coming out of the vaccine court.
  3. Varicella (chicken pox) had the third biggest increase — from $0 in 2014 to $5.8 million in 2015.  (No surprise shingles is on the rise among the elderly population, as recently vaccinated grandchildren continuously shed live virus to their unsuspecting elders.)
  4. Hepatitis B was the fourth largest increase in vaccine court settlements, increasing 321% in 2015 to more than $8 million in 2015 from $1.9 million in 2014.
  5. TDap/DTP/DPT and D/T shots were the fifth largest increase, leaping 75% in 2014 from $5.5 million to $9.8.

The rest of the settlements not pictured here are: Tetanus, $4 million; HPV $3.4 million, up from almost nothing in 2014 (one to watch in January when the 2016 report is issued); MMR, which actually decreased from the number one position last year to under $1 m — an 88%+ decrease in payouts; pertussis, $1.7 million; thimerisol $1.5 million; HIB, $345k, menginococal $500k, HEP A $408k, DPT & Polio, $210k & rotovirus $76k. 

You may have noticed we omitted the second place winner, ‘other.’  Here’s why.

‘Other’ illustrates perfectly the dodgy nature of the vaccine court report, and its lack of transparency in the vaccine court process.  Instead of identifying which combination of vaccines are being charged with injury or death and labeling the case accordingly, a special master can decide to label a vaccine case ‘other,’ thereby diluting its affect on the overall numbers in the final analysis.  

In 2015, the ‘other’ category was the second largest increase in vaccine settlement payments, totaling $21.5 million in payouts, up 388% from $4.4 million in payouts the year before.

We’re not accusing anybody of anything.  But, 388% increase is a lot.  What combination of vaccines is causing such an increase?  Doesn’t the public have a right to know?  If the court decided, for example, that there were too many flu shot settlements mounting for the year, couldn’t it simply skew the data by categorizing certain cases as ‘other,’ which would artificially deflate the flu category? 

Did we mention that these results are ONLY for the judgements — cases that are found in favor of the plaintiff.  It does NOT include the EXTENSIVE legal fees for both sides, which are paid for by the U.S. government whether the lawyer wins or loses the case?  Those are categorized as costs.  And instead of submitting them in the report along with any judgments that are awarded, often they are entered as separate entries, making the exercise of linking them with their judgement payouts that much harder, requiring yet another step in the arduous, analysis of data.


The total dollar payout of legal fees for the vaccine court in 2015 is $42 million.

Also, a hand full of settlements in the payout are based on annuities — that means that the payouts (many of which total more than $1 million) reoccur annually.  That’s because life as they knew it for some plaintiffs disappeared after their vaccine injury occurred, and the costs to care for them in perpetuity for the life of the plaintiff requires an annual sum that is often extensive.

Share far and wide people, it’s time to turn the tide.



  1. Can’t share in FB because of error message “there is an unknown connection issue between cloudflare and the origin web server” You may want to check with host

  2. It was 30 years ago, Nov 14th, 1986 when President Reagan signed into law, legislation that created not only the NVICP but established the VAERS system as well.
    Also, check out my book, The Vaccine Court – The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for a very detailed look inside this program.

  3. “No surprise shingles is on the rise among the elderly population, as recently vaccinated grandchildren continuously shed live virus to their unsuspecting elders.”

    Actually, it is the reverse that is happening, where the elderly who have been vaccinated for Shingles can infect children with Chickenpox. This happened to a friend of mine. She was vaccinated for Shingles, got a rash, and subsequently gave her visiting granddaughter (who had been vaccinated for Chickenpox as a 1-year-old) Chickenpox.

    It is actually thought that Shingles is on the rise because there are inadequate numbers of wild cases of Chickenpox to boost the immunity of those who have previously had Chickenpox (or the vaccine). My own daughter contracted Shingles at age 4 after being vaccinated for Chickenpox at age 1. The dermatologist we saw at the time commented that he was seeing a lot more Shingles in little kids since the Chickenpox vaccine came on the market. So, cases of Shingles are rising in ALL ages thanks to the Chickenpox vaccine.

    This video from the movie Bought does a good job of explaining the relationship between declining cases of wild Chickenpox in the environment (thanks to the vaccine) and rising rates of shingles.

    “What a lot of doctors don’t even understand is that Chickenpox, like pertussis, needs to be in the environment so we can be constantly exposed and the constant exposure maintains our antibodies which keeps us from getting Shingles. Which is why when I was a young kid the only people that got Shingles we’re very old people because they weren’t exposed to young children anymore.
    If you’re out in the environment and you’re exposed to the population at large and young people, you are exposed to Chickenpox, or you were exposed to Chickenpox and it kept your antibodies adequate to suppress Shingles from coming out.”

    • Hi Lisa, yes I am certain the cross rate of infection is happening with varicella and chicken pox on multiple levels. Thanks so much for the comment.

  4. If the editor is interested, I have a database of over 7,400 case decisions dating back to 1988 and going forward thru FY 2016. detailed by vaccine type and injury plus type of adjudication, compensation amounts, attorney fees, etc.

    • Hi Wayne, thank you so much for reaching out and for the offer. While I feel it is very important to conduct my statistical analysis direct ‘from the horses mouth’ so to speak, I would be very interested in accessing the data, especially since we are going to start tracking vaccine injury here in California in order to identify the rate of increase as a result of SB 277. I know we both are in touch with Robert Krakow, I will reach out to him and get your contact info, or feel free to do the same for mine. Much appreciated!

    • Thanks so much Brandon. I appreciate the math check. I guess if I had rounded up at 382% it would have been 400. but I am a stickler for accuracy so I really do appreciate your pointing that out. I have made the edit.

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  15. Thank you so much for this! I am wondering about capped settlements. Is it not the case that settlements are capped? Were you able to do any kind of analysis that portrays the number of cases awarded?

    Annie, cases are not capped except for death of a child, where the government will only pay you $250,000. I did not do the number of cases. This is a volunteer effort, just assessing the dollars took me 8 months because of the unworkable format in which the report is issued.

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  18. The vaccine court is not a court, but a SCAM! It needs to be done away with as well as the National Vaccine Act of 1986! The drug companies have had free reign of terror long enough! They need to be held responsible for their actions and jail time for execs and doctors that have taken advantage of this heinous law!

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