Is Your Tuna Radioactive?


Navigating through the waters of radioactive blue fin tuna these days can be pretty tricky (thanks, Japan).  Remember the good old days when mercury was all we had to worry about? Ha.

Have no fear, help is here: Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood tuna in a can.  Luckily for us, they are on top of things in terms of monitoring tuna and seafood as safe.  Which means it’s one more thing we can rest our pretty little heads about.

I spoke with Lisa about all this tuna hullabaloo this morning.

“Well, the tuna that is being sold now is from last season before the Fukashima disaster,” Lisa explained.  “Although blue fin tuna is not something we carry because it’s not a sustainable food source.”   They sell only the small, white albacore tuna.  Their tuna is fished from waters that flow differently than from Japan’s so radioactivity is not showing up in their products.

“Seafood and contaminates in general are usually the highest fish on the food chain, and those tend to be very unsustainable because they don’t reproduce much and are already over fished.”  None of the products Henry & Lisa carry are unsustainable.  Their mission and commitment to the planet is inspirational and is an example every corporation should study.

“A lot of our seafood comes from Alaska and follows Alaskan Seafood Institute guidelines.  They do a lot of testing, most testing reveals that the radioactivity is at a trace, very low level.  In fact, even the blue fin tuna we read about is still testing 30 x lower than what is naturally occurring in our bodies.  You would have to eat 5000 lbs a year to be affected.”

More media sensationalism.

She goes on to explain although everything in their product line tests at unlimited consumption levels, they recommended a limit for albacore consumption for small children 0-6 yrs., which equals 3 to 4, 4 oz. servings per month (3/4 of a can  is about 4 oz.).

To be safe, we only eat tuna 1 x a week.  My son only eats about 1/4 of a can 3-4 x a month.  We supplement with Henry& Lisa’s wild caught Alaskan salmon in can which is pale in color and looks and tastes almost exactly like tuna.  And because its wild Alaskan salmon, it has incredible health benefits.

Oh, did I mention it tastes absolutely delish?  If you maintain a clean palliate like we do, canned foods can be a nightmare.  Henry & Lisa’s seafood products are simply the best.  You can tell as soon as you open the package (which btw comes in an easy-to-open pull top).  No more having to wash your tuna before preparing it, no more fishy, tummy-rolling odor.  For a W.A.S.P. like me who grew up on tuna and mayo, that’s music to my ears (and a symphony for my nose).

Find Henry & Lisa’s nearest you, or for best pricing buy online.


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