Mercury Finds Its Way Back: Flu Shot Puts California's Children At Risk


are-vaccines-really-safeDespite the fact that mercury is a known neurotoxin, a government agency is endorsing its injection into pregnant women and children via this year’s flu shot, by requesting an override to AB 2943, the mercury law passed in California in 2004.

The agency, California Immunization Coalition, made the request in a letter dated Sept. 23, to California Secretary of Health and Human Services Agency Diana Dooley, requesting the state exempt AB 2943, which would allow doctors and physicians to inject the mercury-inclusive version of the flu shot known as FluzoneCIC is a quasi-public/private partnership that takes public dollars but also is funded privately by pharma via NACCHO.  

The move is especially disconcerting, since Fluzone contains a package insert that includes the statement “safety and effectiveness is untested in pregnant women or children under 6 months of age.”  Yet the letter clearly indicates the State of California is being coerced into allowing the exemption, since the letter is also signed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the California Academy of Family Physicians.

However, AB 2943 states that such an override would occur only “if there is an epidemic, vaccine shortage, or other public health emergency,” none of which California is currently experiencing.  In fact, when reached by telephone today, Fluzone manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur reported there is no shortage of the shot.

Strangely, this kind of pharma overreach has a pattern.

“This is not the first time this has happened,” said Terry Roark, veteran activist in the informed consent and parental rights movement.  “In fact, since AB 2943 went into effect in 2006, there have been three exemptions that we know of —  2006, 2009 and 2013. There could be more.”

The exemption does not require consent of any legislative bodies in California. During hearings for SB 277 this spring, Sen. Richard Pan (SB 277’s chief sponsor) repeatedly referenced AB 2943 as the reason parents did not have to worry about vaccine injury from mercury or, thimerosal, because all mercury “has been removed from vaccines in California as a result of California Law,” he stated.

“Thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin, its safety and toxicity limits are unknown,” said Robert Krakow, a former prosecutor in New York who has been representing claims for vaccine-injured individuals for many years.  “Its toxic effects are even less certain in children or the unborn than for adults, considering a child’s low body weight as compared with the mercury dose in a flu shot – the potential for harm cannot be discounted,” he added.

pregnantwomanThe flu vaccine is untested on pregnant women, since it is considered unethical to run clinical trials on a woman who is pregnant.

One of the most comprehensive, well-respected group of researchers in the world to assess vaccine safety is the Cochrane Collaboration.  Their 2011 study, which was updated in 2014, claims the flu vaccine is “ineffective for kids under a certain age” and that more studies are needed.  It also claims that “National policies for the vaccination of healthy young children are based on very little reliable evidence” (page 20 of the report).

“Authorities repeatedly ignore the cost/benefit calculus that they recommend in assessing vaccine safety,”  said Krakow.  “Parents should know that the flu shot has risks, but it is ineffective — especially for young children.  There is no data supporting our nation’s vaccine policy that recommends flu vaccines for anyone over six months.”

Payouts from the vaccine court for injuries from the flu vaccine totaled $5 million in 2014.  Compensation  awarded for flu vaccine injuries include autoimmune disorders, such as Guillain-Barré syndrome, and frozen shoulder injuries, Krakow added.

Last year, the FDA and CDC admitted the flu shot was a fail, with only 19% effectiveness (81% ineffective), which makes the added risk of mercury poisoning and vaccine injury especially disconcerting. 

In 2013, Glaxo paid £60 million ($63 million U.S.) in settlements in the United Kingdom for vaccine injury due to the swine flu vaccine. 

There are 11 different versions of the flu shot currently recommended by the CDC for the 2015-2016 flu season. For a comprehensive overview click here.

To learn more about the dangers of mercury, watch the critically acclaimed documentary “Trace Amounts,” which is available online.

The world is waking up.


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