After much deliberating, (one year, 11 months and six days), I finally pulled the trigger on my new, modern healthy non-stick cookware.  And I couldn’t be happier about my choice.

The winner?  Chantal Copper Fusion!  And, unfortunately, I am not paid to tell you this.  Which is too bad, because the price tag on these little gems is hefty.  However, when you cook three meals a day as I sometimes do (part of the deal when your husband works at home), pots and pans are an important part of your tool kit.

Because this is such a big purchase, I took my time researching all the options.  The reason I chose Chantal is:

  • Ceramic glaze means they are non-stick without the yucky silicon coating that always ends up scratching off.  Even my expensive Williams Sonoma non-stick pans eventually give way to scratching.  Chantal allows you to use any cooking tool on its surface without concern for scratch or damage (which means they are husband friendly : ).
  • At the core, Chantal Copper Fusion is, well, copper.  Not aluminum, which is concern for health risks especially if your family has a history of Alzheimer’s.  Plus copper heats evenly which means your food cooks across the whole pan at the same rate.

  • Clean-up is easy as long as you remember it’s better to cook slow and low.  Cook time will be faster because of the copper core.

  • The split handle means you don’t burn your hand when grasping the pan on the stove.  It stays cool while cooking (how civilized).  It also features a handy little thumb rest on top of the handle, as if someone actually thoroughly thought out its use while designing it (sigh).

The only potential downside is that the pans are on the heavier side so be prepared (I view it as a way to work my triceps while in the kitchen).  But I swear our food tastes cleaner, better.  And of course it’s so much healthier for my family.

I started with a large and small sauce pan (they come with lids), and a 10″ skillet (i had a glass lid from an old Calphalon pan that fits just fine).  Those three pieces are a great start.  Price tag: I paid $500 for the three just before Christmas.  The nine-piece set now goes for about $699 on Amazon, I had free shipping because we have Amazon Prime so be sure to check shipping first since the weight of these pans may kick up the shipping cost.



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