UNAVOIDSeveral different groups in the Los Angeles area are mobilizing to join forces Saturday in Anaheim at the site of the Democratic Convention to show their dismay for the passage of SB277 through the California Senate yesterday.

Groups are all following these guidelines, which activist Marisa Davis Clark says are as follows:


LOCATION: We will gather at south side of the Fountain on the Grand Plaza in the Palm Court area at the Main Entrance to the Center. This area has been reserved for us specifically and we are working with the Police and the Convention Center Security to ensure the safety of us – and most importantly our children. As an additional information and safety measure, we will have designated people available to answer questions, and assist in any way.

PARKING: *I was just informed that the parking garage in under construction. So be prepared for some parking difficulties. Carpool if you can, and be prepared to walk. There may be some extra parking at Disney. Most convention parking is off West Street (Car Park 4,5,6 –see sight map) which is between and Katella and Orangewood –the west end of the convention building. There is a parking lot where many of the trucks dock and there is a parking structure. Cost: $15 – $30

FOOD: There is a Starbucks and Pizza Hut inside the Marriott (where we will be gathering in front of) as well as a number of other restaurants around the area. There is food inside the convention center – cost and quality are questionable. There are often food trucks set up nearby for large events as well. There are also no restrictions on bringing food in with you.
Press will be there 11 to 12. Some parents will be gathering as early as 9 a.m.  There will be security for the demonstrator’s protection. But because it is a public space be prepared to bring signs and other soft toys that are moveable.  Demonstrators will be wearing red shirts, and if you have red clothing you would like to swap bring it in a plastic garbage bag.
More information can be found at  https://www.facebook.com/events/788653927897559/.


  1. Zlatko Tkalcevic on

    Dear people, same MMR shi*t is happening all over the world, and I sending you support from Croatia where We are fighting for the same right. We dig out from the net info about gen, enzyme CYP450 which is a key for the success of detoxication human body. It looks like 43% of african americans lack this enzyme and it directly correlates with Thompson story and why is Obama willing to go against pharma, to avoid racial warfare questions. We dig out the following from the Net for you about this:

    Thissuppressed genetically in 43% of Africans. Unfortunately, CYP450 enzyme affects the safety and efficacy of 90% of therapeutic drugs and other environmental chemicals. Follow the links provided:


    The MMR vaccination: autism correlation was related to African American boys having a 3 fold increase in autism with MMR vaccination.


    Vaccination and African Americans:

    You must asap to connect with parents who vaccinate who are African American with concerns about the mass vaccination programs not considering genetic predisposition for adverse effects.

    There is a gene called the CYP450 enzyme which is critical for effective detoxification. It is suppressed genetically in 43% of Africans. Unfortunately, CYP450 enzyme affects the safety and efficacy of 90% of therapeutic drugs and other environmental chemicals.

    You should unite and empower the African American community to question and oppose mandatory mass vaccination of their children without parental consent, without physician discretion based upon the individual health of their child, and without consideration of the genetic risk and predisposition to adverse reactions from government forced vaccination?

    Keep on fighting

    good luck

    Friend from Croatia

    • Thank you so very much for your post. We are very concerned about our African American brothers and sisters on this issue. I will write a post about it asap. We are planning a global outreach once we stop this bill so we can share information amongst ourselves about anything we discover around protecting our right for medical freedom. We would like to keep in touch, and promise we are dedicated to staying on the forefront of this battle for years to come. There are so many of us here in California fighting this and our list grows longer every day. You are not alone, keep up the good fight.


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