Because WE are POWER IN NUMBERS! If you are a registered voter DO IT NOW!

It’s super easy and takes 10 minutes.



STEP 1: Get a youtube account. It’s free, just go to YouTube.

STEP 2: Video record yourself on your smartphone saying your NAME, CITY, REGISTERED VOTER if you are (or will be by election time) and I STRONGLY OPPOSE SB277. Already have a google or gmail account and are uploading from your desktop? SKIP TO DEETS BELOW.

Already have a google or gmail account and need help uploading to youtube from your iphone/ipad? Click here.

Already have a google or gmail account and need help uploading to youtube from your android? Click here.

MAKE SURE to use THESE TWO hashtags — #PowerInNumbers #NoOnSB277 — otherwise I can’t see your video.

Power in numbers is BOSS.

Let’s do this!!!!


-Email your video to yourself. Open the email, save the video to your desktop.

  • In a new tab in your browser go to youtube.com.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on upload. A new window will open. IF YOU HAVE A GMAIL ACCOUNT AND ARE NOT LOGGED INTO IT then it will ask you to log in.  If you are logged in, it will take you right to the next step.
  • There will be a giant gray arrow with the words “select “files” in the middle of the screen. Make sure the “Public” option is selected in the dropdown menu below the gray arrow, then click on the gray arrow.
  • A browser window to your computer files will open. Browse through the menu until you find the video clip.
  • Select the file, click open.

  • Your file will automatically start to upload and process. This will take only about 90 seconds.

  • While it is uploading, look in the center of the screen under ‘Basic Info.’ You will see three boxes:
    1. The first box has the original file name that you are uploading. You may change this to #PowerInNumbers #NoOnSB277.
    2. Copy and paste both of the hashtags you just typed in the next two boxes which are ‘Description’ and ‘Tags.’
    3. Then Click on the blue ‘publish’ button in the upper right hand corner.

Go to youtube.com, and in the search bar paste your two hashtags and click the magnifying glass. When the search results come up, make sure you see your video. Give it time to finish processing first to make sure. If you see your video, you’re done!

Now go record your spouse/mom/dad/neighbor/friend — anyone who is old enough to vote who/or is about to be a REGISTERED VOTER.

I am utilizing a feature in youtube that allows me to collect them all into one basket which will prevent trolls from hijacking this campaign, so we will be STRONG and POWER IN NUMBERS!!!

Thanks for your help. It’s much easier than it sounds.

SPREAD THE WORD!! And if you’re really having problems, email the video to me and I will post it.


    • Becky,

      I think that’s a great idea! The more we can get the word out the better — how about upload 8-10 seconds of a #NoOnSB277 Wake up to what Californians are going thru it’s coming our way like a tidal wave — 110 bills in 35 states. Stay close, we’re taking notes on strategy to pass down. It’s big pharma buying out the democratic party, it’s politics at the expense of our children. We are going to put a stop to this assault on parental rights. Send us whatever you can to let us know you are watching!

  1. This is a good idea, high tech and all but I don’t think it’s going to sway the corrupt politicians in California or anywhere else. A more aggressive approach should be taken. Back in the day when there were no computers and internet people had to get their message out in physical form. Just the fact thousands showed up in California to have their voices heard demonstrates how many people oppose this bill but it doesn’t expose the corruption of the politicians who are being paid off. Yes, this information is online but other than people who oppose the bill, who else is going to be compelled to look it up? What’s need is a much broader exposure.

    This may sound old school but it’s effective. Expose the politicians who are pushing this agenda by:
    -Taking out Billboards: put two people on a board like Senators Dan & Mitchell at each end with their pharmaceutical contributions in the middle. Be selective which ones and than pick a slogan like: who do they really represent-our children or Merck Pharmetutical. You can create a billboard for each person who voted yes and put their record on display for all to see. Make sure the boards are in an area where the politicians themselves can see them. There is something about seeing their own face everyday with their crimes posted for the world to see that on some level will shake them up.
    -Flyers: with similar information that’s reinforces the information on the billboards. The flyers need to be clear, concise and not too wordy. There are people that live in different cities in California and they can saturate their communities with this information. Back in the day we’d put them on cars in parking lots (public), stand on street corners and hand them out, go to malls, post offices, bus stops, train stations etc. Some folks may toss them but many will hang onto them and there is something about having physical possession of information that people will read over.
    -New Age, Entertainment and Alternative newspapers: take out 1 page ads with the same information.
    -Go to events such as psychic fairs, art shows, garden shows, car events and pass out flyers.
    -Make sure the flyers have website information.
    -Make sure flyers & website has clear information about what steps they can take to make their voices heard.
    -Start recall petitions.
    -Start a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. The most expensive will be the billboards but keep in mind you don’t need to purchase a years worth of space.

    The most challenging is to select information that’s going to have the most impact and shave it down to something simple. Like a mantra and just repeat it over and over. You know, like the mantra “the science is settled”. Every bit on information and every person has to be on the same page. This is how corporate American has operated for decades. It’s time to take their tactics and throw it back at them. Above all things don’t make this a Pro-Vaccine vs Pro-Choice issue. Frame it as a violation of Parental Autonomy. The Parents right to Choose.

    Just some suggestion 🙂

  2. michele becker on

    I think this is a great idea! Do you have any idea how many have participated? I love the numbers 🙂

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