Raw Milk Debate Goes to Harvard Law


I am not a fan of drinking milk.  As a natural health practitioner for 16 years, there have been too many people I have treated that suffered from lactose intolerance for me to recommend it to anyone.  Moreover, I believe fundamentally that when we are born we are supposed to drink milk from our mothers, and not the milk of another animal.  We are the only animal that does this.  Cow’s milk is made for baby calves to drink, not humans.

However, I do know that the nutritious benefits that exist in milk have long been destroyed by processing (homogenizing, pasteurizing), leading the way for a boomerang effect of health problems — everything from arthritis to fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalance to endocrine dysfunction, diabetes to heart disease.  Man cannot process foods that have been stripped of all their enzymatic content.  And when we process dairy products that’s exactly what we are doing.

So even though milk is not for me (we drink homemade almond milk, see my earlier post on “Why Milk is Bad (and not Michael Jackson Bad)” for the recipe), I do support The Weston Price Foundation and their efforts to make information about nutritious foods more available.  And now, this heated topic is making its way to the ivy walls of Harvard University.

On Feb. 16, at 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm EST, the Food Law Society at Harvard University will present a debate covering the legal, health, and nutritional merits of raw milk.   This is a very important event for several reasons.  First, it demonstrates the significance of the raw milk debate in our society — an issue that has escalated significantly in the past six months following federal raids and arrests that occurred at private food clubs in California. Second — and most importantly — it is proof positive there is a vacuum present between our government and corporations that manufacture food (whom lobbyists make certain remain in bed together), and the people they supposedly serve.  This vacuum needs to be removed so that  issues surround food regulation, supply and production and how they affect our health can see the light of day.

If you can’t get to Harvard Law to see the debate in person, no worries — you can stream it live.  Go to http://www.foodsoc.org for information on how to do so.

Participants will be Fred Pritzker, Pritzker & Olson Law Firm
Dr. Heidi Kassenborg, Director, Dairy & Food Inspection Division, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Sally Fallon Morell, President, Weston A. Price Foundation
David Gumpert, Author, The Raw Milk Revolution

If you are in the Boston area and can attend in person, the location at Harvard Law School is the Langdell South Classroom, 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

The video will also be archived on this YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/HLSFoodLawSociety.


*Special Thanks to Food Freedom for this story.  To see the Food Freedom blog, go to https://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/harvard-food-law-society-to-host-raw-milk-debate-feb-16/ to subscribe.

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