Sacramento Secrets: Video Confirms Lobbyists' Loyalties


Dear Karen de Sá, San Jose Mercury News:

The world woke up this morning to the truth: SB 277 passed the California Senate’s Education Committee. But interestingly enough, what’s been played out in the California senate you described verbatim almost five years ago.  In your article — which it took five years for us to finally wake up to — you describe exactly what we are seeing displayed before our very eyes, with one of the most controversial bills to hit the senate floor in Sacramento in 15 years.

Sacramento In Trouble

Sacramento In Trouble

You see, we had no idea when all this madness started last month it that would result in us catching two Senators — blatantly, on live camera, on public record, in front of all the world to see — doing exactly what you described to a tee in 2010: executing one of the most important public policies in California’s recent history by being completely beholden to special interest lobbyists. In this case, you will see Sens. Pan and Allen consult with two lobbyists live on senate tv during the SB 277 hearing last Wednesday, at the height of the hearing, when it was time to decide on a vote. founder and #CDCWhistleblower Dana Marie has documented the hearing footage here, start at 6:05 to begin at the call to vote.

It’s soul crushing Karen, to actually witness exactly what you described in person.  I guess I’ve been an asleep-at-the-wheel democrat, Because it brings to life exactly what you described in your article five years ago: that lawmakers we elect are merely puppets, operating solely at the discretion of special interests and lobbyists. And it makes me afraid of what other bills have been manipulated through our system during the past five years since you wrote the script.

Maybe I’m moving too fast. Let me backtrack for a second…

Back in March, we were just a group of moms objecting to big corporations sticking their noses into our business, trying to tell us Moms how to take care of our kids.  But from its inception, SB 277 had a really bad stench: how could our elected officials be pushing legislation that would mandate our children be injected with a medical product that is currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, or deny their right to a public education?  Especially when that same company is under indictment by Spain and other countries who are suing them for faulty products that are making them billions of dollars? Is that policy in the best interest of the people of California?

I know about 10,000+ and counting parents in California who don’t think so.

When SB 277 started to hit a fever pitch in March, social media lit up like a wildfire, and within days moms groups began to share information.  Parents struggled to try to understand how — at such an all-time low in the confidence America has around its vaccine program — such irrational legislation could even be considered?

The people in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and North Carolina wasted no time shutting phase one of this legislation down.  So how, in the liberal bastion of California, is this crazy legislature being allowed to unfold?

Don’t get me wrong — it’s not just a vaccine issue.  For parents, it’s a legal rights issue. It’s a parental rights issue.  Believe me, as I’ve learned recently, when it comes to legal rights, the last place anyone should want to be is in between a mother and child.

But, I digress.

Many of the members of the Senate Health committee who voted last week have received campaign funds directly from big pharma — some as recently as last summer.  Despite efforts to link these contributions to the 1974 California Political Campaign Reform Act, parents soon began to realize the message had a puppet master and it was much bigger than they thought.

And it gets worse.

Lobbyists Jodi Hicks & Janus Nelson Control Senators’ Agenda on SB 277

See the two people in the photo? Take a good look. Democracy in action, 2015.

What you see here may be allowed, but what you see here is a disgrace.

This is a still shot of video taken at the Senate Education Committee, and the two individuals are both lobbyists that work in healthcare, Jodi Hicks on the left of Sacramento lobbyist firm DiMare, Brown, Hicks & Kessler; Janus Nelson, Chief Lobbyist from the California Medical Association.  Both organizations are known to be pro-vaccine, Jodi Hick’s other client when she’s not babysitting Pan and Allen is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

They are the people Senators Allen and Pan went to directly as soon as they were asked by Chairman Liu if they wanted to ‘postpone the vote, because if you take a vote today this bill will die.’

Nice coddling.

The Senators proceeded to seek counsel immediately from these two lobbyists, even though Jodi Hicks testified at the Education Committee Hearing last week that she represents the Family Physician Political Action Committee.

Another funny thing? When we looked up the Family Physician Political Action Committee, we found their website, and guess who else we found smiling right back at us from the home page?

Sen. Pan & The PAC Family Physicians

Sen. Pan & The PAC Family Physicians

Why it’s Sen. Richard Pan right there above the C in PAC! The sponsor of SB 277 and poster boy for how to be a patsy for big pharma.  What a small world!

More charming.

There’s only one thing: when you search Sen. Pan’s contributions at, there’s no entry for the Family Physician PAC.  Isn’t that strange? That a politician like Richard Pan who has received TONS of legal PAC money would be on the home page of a political action committee (PAC) and NOT have a record of receiving campaign funds from them?

Karen, in homage to that brilliant piece you published in the July 11, 2010 edition of the Mercury News… please watch the video. Let fearless mom Dana Marie who has reported tirelessly on this issue to the point of vocal exhaustion, take you on a journey starting at 6:05, where you will watch the demise of the democratic system before your very eyes.

And the two lobbyists in question? They show their mugs  at 11:32, — again, on the Senate Education Committee Hearing video that is public record.

Here is another report on Lobbyistgate.

Standing right there, in plain sight, in front of the People of the Great State of California, making our senators look like complete fools, in front of 700+ parents who came to Sacrament to oppose this bill.

This morning, at 9 a.m., these same lobbyists succeeded by passing SB 277 7-2.

Is this what happens when special interests take over? Is apathy killing democracy? Did the near-death of newspapers create the perfect environment for big business to run our country?

You are the perfect person to tell this story, Karen.  The truth needs to be told.


  1. And guess who Hicks’ client is, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We all know that they don’t have strong stance on vaccines! Plus, their foundation financed FRED, the epidemic simulation model that Pan used to “convince” bought out senator Block that our public was is danger if we don’t pass SB 277.. It’s bigger than the pharma cos…

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