Sanofi Pasteur: “There is No Shortage”


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.59.23 PMAccording to a letter from the California Immunization Coalition sent to California Health Secretary Diana Dooley late last month, there is a shortage of mercury-free flu shots available for California’s pregnant mothers and infants. As a result, the CIC is asking pregnant women to inject themselves and their babies with a known neurotoxin by asking the State to suspend, again, California’s no mercury law.

There’s only one problem.

Last Wednesday, the MSJ contacted Sanofi Pasteur to inquire about a reported shortage of their Fluzone product. After inquiring about the availability of the product and its safety for a pregnant mother who might be seeking the flu shot, we were told something entirely different.

Lynn, an R.N. with Sanofi Pasteur, confirmed to the MSJ on the telephone that “there is no national shortage of the mercury-free dose of Fluzone, the pre-filled syringes are shipping on time and are in ample supply.”

Huh? But the CIC just said…

“No shortage.”

Since our call, we learned at least two other persons have contacted Sanofi Pasteur. Their results were the same.


Here’s the concern.

In addition to the horrific public health implications of this unfortunate information, reporting product shortage for a highly visible medical product like Fluzone for a company like Sanofi Pasteur when a shortage may not exist is a material piece of information.  It could affect a company’s stock price as well as any investment interests it may be pursuing.

Moreover, the supply chain for flu inoculations is endless, as is evidenced by the plethora of excessive flu shot propaganda sprinkled everywhere in America right now.  Are there middle men pushing inaccurate information to try to manipulate the already fear-based market? Flu season reaps many a dollar for the U.S. government, which last year reaped $31 million in Nov. from the vaccine tax ALONE, an 11,000% increase from the month prior, so there is a lot at stake.

Something is not right…





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