OP ED: To Sign or Not To Sign? SB 277 Referendum Gains Ground, Will it Be Enough?


Last week, just as California was bracing for the start of a heatwave, I received a phone call from a mother whose pediatrician had just informed her that he was charging $4,000 for a vaccine medical exemption.

“I don’t understand,” said the distraught mom.  “He’s one of the best, and one of the few who understands the realities of vaccine injury, and not only does he want to charge me $4,000, but he also told me not to sign the referendum because all it will do is invite big pharma to pull out all the stops and fight us right here in California.”

The phone started to slide from my hand as sweat dripped from my chin.


“Wow,” I said. 

The air grew seemingly more stale and hot, and the wave of heat outside started to curl under my front door.  I paused to take a breath and take it all in, and then it all made sense.  As my close friend reminded me the other day, the burden of compassion in this movement falls on our shoulders.  When I viewed the situation through the doctor’s eyes, it all made perfect sense.

“Of course he feels that way,” I explained.  “He’s been an outspoken advocate for delayed vaccine schedules since the 1990s and, after a long embattled road, he’s tired.  He’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning.  Rather than face allegations from the American Medical Association and other Western Medicine governing agencies about possibly revoking his medical license, he’d probably rather just cash out and ride off into the sunset.  I can’t really say I blame him.”

The phone went silent for a moment.

“Wow,” said the mom. “That totally makes sense.”

Now that I’ve had even more time to think about it, and the heatwave has subsided, I realize what really bothers me about all of this: the idea that, as Americans, we need something called a ‘medical exemption’ in the first place.  I mean, is this seriously supposed to be our new normal?  It feels like a violation of my rights to have to submit to a medical procedure in order for someone else’s to work, or be forced to get a doctor to give me an ‘exemption.’  How is it that we have allowed the medical corporation to hypnotize us starting back in the 1990s with commercials that make ‘ask your doctor’ an ingrained concept? They’ve been pushing drugs and the idea of drugs on us for decades now.  Even the Emmy-nominated Netflix series Grace and Frankie has three references to prescription drugs in the first episode alone (two of them are mentioned by brand name).  How much did that little nugget cost Eli Lilly?  A drop in the bucket, compared what they stand to gain for Cialis, one of the two drugs mentioned. 

There’s no way to know, because the amount of money pharmaceutical companies throw around in our society is so profoundly large, yet people seem to have no issue with taking money from these corporations to fund any and everything from political campaigns to scientific research at the university level to luncheons for non-profits that ‘raise money’ to cure diseases that the drug companies themselves are helping to perpetuate.  All that, despite the billions and billions of dollars they continue to be charged in fines for criminal activity.

But I digress.

Back to our story.

While I am compassionate to the plight of others, especially those who have been in this battle for a long time, I can’t understand the recommendation not to support the referendum.  Here’s why:

  1. Rough Start. Admittedly, the referendum did get a rocky birth.  Despite former state assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s experience in the political arena, he is relatively new to the anti-vaccine movement.  And by not caucusing with some of the veterans in this movement and getting them on board in advance of announcing the referendum, he definitely ruffled some feathers causing a backlash of non-support.  But those veterans have come around, and are now very outspoken and supportive of the referendum, which is partially why we have reached more than $129k in 15 days to fund the referendum effort.  Much more is needed, but momentum is gaining.  Strike one against NOT signing.
  2. Fear. Big pharma is already blowing our house in, and continues to rack up billions in fines and lawsuits for illegal business practices AND for making faulty products.  Yet Americans, who are certifiably pill poppers, continue to live under the illusion that ‘we need them,’ and that ‘ it’s just the cost of doing business.’  How can we continue to justify a system that continues to harm people in the name of healing them?  NOT signing the referendum because ‘they’ will come at us full force here in California? It’s already happening!  Did you see how much money they gave Tony Mendoza?  Or how much money Merck is throwing around, all over the planet?  It’s just paper.  They’re just people.  Don’t let fear stop you from taking your power.  Strike two against NOT signing.
  3. Lemonade. Why wouldn’t we sign the referendum?  Why wouldn’t we use one of the the only tools we’ve got to try to stop medical tyranny dead in its tracks? If we get enough signatures for the referendum, we set the clock back 12 months!  We then have the opportunity to educate Californians and, since we are now UNITED and AWAKE, we have all the resources we need to make change!  NOT signing is absence of good judgment.  When god gives you lemons, by ALL MEANS, make lemonade.  Strike three against NOT signing.

We have all the pieces of the puzzle we need to help change the narrative of vaccine injury on a national and international level.  Commercials are being made, movie scripts are being written, rallies are being planned at the CDC in October and the FDA in 2016 to DEMAND transparency — and the internet is ablaze with dialogue and information being shared across international boundaries.  Social media is providing the perfect platform for health freedom advocates to have their own ‘arab spring,’ and the referendum is the perfect backdrop for a symphony that is still being written.  We have the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to take back our power and STOP medical tyranny IN ITS TRACKS, sending a signal to the rest of the world that not all Americans are hijacked by corporate greed.  It’s TIME, but TIME IS RUNNING OUT.  Only 15 days to go. 

If you are uncomfortable talking about this issue and gathering signatures, send money instead.  Anyone from the United States can contribute.  10 signatures or $10 bucks — if we all contribute one or the other, we can push medical tyranny right to the California border.  We the people are taking back our country, and this is just the beginning…

To donate funds to help gather signatures for the referendum, click here: http://www.gofundme.com/SB277Referendum.

To donate funds to help fund the CDC Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally in October, click here: www.cdcTRUTH.org


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