Dear Senator Allen,

Thanks so much for your editorial piece in the Sac Bee from the other day. And thank you so much for bringing forth SB 277.  By initiating this bill, the long, misunderstood, complex, polarizing issue of vaccine safety is coming to light, and it is long overdue. Without your legislation and your leadership, much of this information would still be in the shadows. I, for one, will be eternally grateful to you for that fact alone. Because now we can have The Discussion.

First off, I’d like to say how deeply sorry I am Senator Allen, that your father had to live through and suffer the effects polio.  I am certainly no polio expert, but I do know thanks to the advent of modern medicine, indoor plumbing and clean water, fortunately we haven’t seen a case of “wild” (i.e., natural) polio acquired in the United States since 1979 (

I don’t know anyone who has had to live through polio so I could never imagine what it has been like to live in your dad’s shoes.  I am certain his struggle made a huge impact on you as a child growing up. And I am also certain, as you have stated on record, it has been a big influencer for you around this legislation.

However, Ben — may I call you Ben, since we are having The Discussion? — it seems you’ve been sold a bit of bill of goods here (dare I say revisionist history?).

You see, inspired by conflicting reports in the media of vaccine effectiveness/ineffectiveness/lawsuits/corruption and forced mandates, I decided to take a look further into the history of polio myself, and what I found is very interesting.

Polio Increased After Salk's Vaccine

Polio Rates Before the Salk Vaccine, and in 1950s after the first massive immunization program. Courtesy Neil Z. Miller, medical research journalist and Director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute

If your father had received the polio vaccine in 1955 when it was introduced, there’s a good chance he could have contracted the very same disease he was trying to avoid.  That’s because the incidents of polio actually increased substantially after the introduction of mass vaccination programs, resulting in a 50% increase in cases from 1957-’58 and 80% from 1958-’59.

According to the U.S. Government Department of Records, Dr. Bernard Greenberg, head of the Department of Biostatistics of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, testified to that fact in 1962 during US Congressional Hearings. He also testified that statistics “were manipulated to give the impression of the effectiveness of the Salk vaccine.”   (Source: Intensive Immunization Programs, Hearings before the Committee on Interstate & Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, 87th Congress, 2nd Session on H.R. 10541, Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1962; pp. 96-97)

In 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk himself, creator of the dead-virus polio vaccine used in the 1950s, testified before congress that the live-virus vaccine he helped pioneer (the same one used in the United States between early 1960 & 2000) was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961 (Washington Post, September 24, 1976).

Because the polio virus remains in the throat for one to two weeks and in the feces for up to two months (an effect we now call shedding), vaccine recipients and those around them are at risk, and can potentially spread the disease, as long as fecal excretion of the virus continues (American Academy of Pediatrics, Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases: 1986 (Elk Grove Village, Illinois: AAP):284–5).

In 1992, the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an admission that the live-virus vaccine had become the dominant cause of polio in the United States, and in fact, according to CDC figures, every case of polio in the U.S. since 1979 was caused by the oral polio vaccine (Strebel PM., et al. Epidemiology of poliomyletis in U.S. one decade after the last reported case of indigenous wild virus associated disease, Clinical Infectious Diseases CDC, February 1992:568 79).

Pretty incredible, huh?

It’s gets even more interesting when you look at what happened five years’ prior to the introduction of Salk’s vaccine at the University of Pittsburgh.

In 1950, five years’ before Salk presented the world with the polio vaccine, William Hammon — also at the University of Pittsburgh — purified the gamma globulin component of the blood plasma of polio survivors using a natural concept called Passive Immunity.  In a large clinical trial, Hammon proved that he could successfully reduce the severity of polio by about 80% in patients who had contracted polio, by using the naturally occurring antibodies in polio survivors.

Immune globulin was easy to source in 1950 because polio had been around since 1894. As a result the population as a whole had developed antibodies and polio, in fact, was on the decline.

The Passive Immunity immune globulin market today is an industry that’s expected to reach $11 billion by 2021. Hammon was on the right track. Maybe, if his protocol were followed through your father would have been spared polio, since — as we’ve just learned — vaccines are directly responsible for spreading the virus.

allenphotoAll I know is, since we’re having The Discussion, I’ve got to ask: are you sure SB 277 is the right agenda at the right time?  Is it the right move to be choosing to force the children of California to be injecting their bodies with controversial products that are currently facing lawsuits and questionable efficacy? Especially when the largest manufacturer of vaccines, Merck, is under indictment by the U.S. Department of Justice for falsifying data that may prove they also do NOT have our best interest in mind?  Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, a better approach would be to look at the truth of the history of vaccines and find a way to make them better? TO NOT be beholden to Big Pharma like all the other politicians? We love that you don’t take money from them, and we want to see you continue to be a rising star in the Democratic party.

We know Dr. Pan is drinking the cool-aide because we know Merck starts courting students when they are in medical school. He has to buy their baloney because he’s a part of their cover-up.

But you Ben, we want to be in The Discussion with you for years to come.  We know you have our backs, we just want to work together so that we can both learn the truth as we go, and not alienate each other.

After all, we’re just getting started.

Educating Ben Part II



  1. Thank you for taking the time to write your article. I fear Pan will pull some backroom politics as next week there is only a vote on SB277 in the Education committee. The reporting or lack there off on SB277 is typical as Drug company’s spend so much on Advertising that most news outlets are not going to report on anything that would stop that revenue.

    • Brian,

      You are so welcome — We have to take back the power. It’s doable — this bill is a blessing because it is waking us up to how dangerously close we came to losing our parental rights. Our grassroots efforts are making a difference but we can’t stop now. If we stay the course — lol now I sound like Bush lol — but it’s true. Stay the course, keep calling our senators and telling them we disapprove of this kind of legislation, we can put a stop to it. This process has changed my life, I will never go back to sleep on my local politicians ever again.

    • Julie,

      Thanks for stopping by. I cannot take full credit, as there has been an emergence of incredible moms that have stepped up and put their whole hearts into around the clock monitoring. I get the easy part — chaining myself to my computer at all hours of the day, while my soul sisters and brothers are out there driving to Sacramento at 3 a.m. every week for three weeks and working and keeping house. I am grateful Sen. Allen brought this bill forward — let’s help him realize he needs an exit strategy on this bill to save his political career! Keep the calls phoning in they are making a difference.

  2. Another great article! How is it I’ve only recently came across your articles! When SB277 first came out I was terrified but I think as you so eloquently explained- the cat is out of the bag. They can’t keep this farce going much longer with global communication and the internet. Yes, the awakening is happening and big Pharm is terrified!

  3. I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it is, after months of robo-style media and political parroting, to happen upon the thoughts or a real, honest, thinking, human being. THANK YOU for your sparkling insights.

    • Thanks, Karen. I wish the reporters in our nation weren’t all bought, they’d be doing their job so I don’t have to lol. But it’s all good. The death of newspapers provided the perfect environment for big pharma to exploit the system, we were just too complacent to notice until it was almost too late. That was then, this is now. Like Oprah says, ‘when you know better, you do better.’

      They’ve pissed off the mommies. And one things for sure…

      … you don’t ever want to piss off the mommies…


  4. Thank you for taking the time to put this article together. Have you sent it to Ben? I hope he reads this soon. Well written and to the point.

  5. Hi there,

    Amazing article that uses his personal story and concerns as a way to make your argument. I am very thankful for your in depth research as well.

    Just a quick suggestion, I know the article has already been sent to him but might I suggest removing the part about Senator Pan? If I were Senator Allen I wouldn’t like someone saying those things about my colleague with whom I’m working on legislation with. We’re all people and those senators work together, it might not be in our best interest to insult Pan if we want to win Allen over. Just a thought. 🙂

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  8. Great article and message for Allen. I plan to write an open letter to Senator Pan shortly… Totally agree that they have let the cat out! I have learned so much and I am distributing as much knowledge as I can to friends. More people are concerned about vaccine safely now. I think this might backfire for the vaccine industry!

  9. HealthFreedom on

    9) 100 million people were given the polio vaccine contaminated with monkey virus SV-40. The biggest cover-up in history. This was an on the air radio broadcast 1 month before the CDC cover-up was exposed:
    10) 48,000 paralyzed in India by the polio shot funded by the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates Confronted by Reporter: Bill & Melinda Gates on Trial in India:
    11) Listen to blog talk radio broadcast with Journalist Susanne Posel 10,000 DEAD from Vaccine in Pakistan: :

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