The World is Waking Up: Parental Rights Under Siege

I wanted to meet RFK but I was too young. I admired his work for civil rights in the ’60s, and have wondered recently what he would say about all the social injustices along racial lines  making headlines these days.
I will finally get to meet Robert Kennedy, Jr., just not under the circumstances I had hoped...

I will finally get to meet Robert Kennedy, Jr., just not under the circumstances I had hoped…

Little did I know that same wave of social injustice would land on my doorstep just weeks later.

Yes, despite the realities of vaccine injured and dead children, Big Pharma (a.k.a. Merck) along with the U.S. Government (a.k.a. paid off politicians) are now fast-tracking your rights as parents into the dumpster.

Why? Because billions of dollars are at stake and the system is set up for those in power to win.

It’s not herd immunity, people. Herd immunity is a myth, which is why in areas of China where populations are 99% vaccinated there are STILL measles outbreaks.  It’s not crazy, tin-foil-hat-wearing parents, because there are families telling the same stories with no motivation other than saving other parents from the hell of living with an autistic child in their 30s wearing diapers with zero language capabilities.

It’s also not about protecting vaccinated children from the unvaccinated.  Because if vaccines work, why are parents afraid of the unvaxxed?It’s also not about making the world safer, because safer is letting our immune systems grow to a stable place before injecting babies with open blood brain barrier noggins from toxins like mercury and aluminum — the latter of which is known to contribute to Alzheimer’s.

It’s about money. Lots of it. And control.  All of it. Which is why the government is colluding with THE vaccine manufacturer (that’s right, there’s only one, rhymes with JERK, and they have cart blanche to make the cheapest vaccine they want with the most inferior ingredients they want and the Government writes a big fat check to protect them, to date totalling $3 billion and counting, all of which parents would gladly give back to have their healthy children back).

–if they are compensated at all.  Most opt out of the “Vaccine Court” because the process is often humiliating and is more like a Kangaroo Court than anything.Now the #cdcwhistleblower Dr. William S. Thompson comes out in August to confess data was FALSIFIED at the CDC level by Merck to keep its 95% or better safety and efficacy rate on its meales vaccine, including that when the data was rerun African American males are 336% more likely to have a reaction.

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT because by falling BELOW 95% Merck’s patent should have expired which means the vaccine would have been opened up to manufacture by other drug companies (which would have been good for us, btw).

Keep in mind Big Pharma lawsuits do bupkiss.  Glaxsmithkline recently was fined $3 billion for falsifying its Paxil data — which was shit because GSK’s revenue on Paxil was $44 billion.  And BTW you won’t read about any of this except in alternative blogs like this one, because newspapers are dead/dying and broadcast media is funded by big pharma (watch the commercial inbetween the ‘news’).

On the heels of the #cdcwhistleblower, an ‘unknown foreigner’ somehow (still unidentified) arrives at the ‘happiest place on earth’ and spreads the measles virus around, igniting a shitstorm over 135 cases (no one died and, yes some were unvaxxed but also some were vaxxed thereby proving there’s no guaraneed on either side).  We’re talking about 135 cases in Orange County, a county that houses 3.1 million people.  (BTW the OC health department issued the ‘all clear’ 21 days later which is the incubation period).

It’s painful, I know. Cry on my shoulder. Cry on the shoulder of your friends and family. It is disheartening, but we’ve got to get the word out. The problem is NOT unvaccinated children, the problem is Big Pharma wants your money and it doesn’t care how it gets it.  In the name of herd immunity, it is seeking to tighten your rights as parents and monopolize its vaccine cash cow as long as it can.  Many many many many dollars are at stake.  Many many many many lives are at stake, including yours because madatory adult vaccinations are next.

Go googling. See for yourself.  The story will not come to you, you must use your own brain like I did and go find it.  In 35 states, 110 bills are under review currently to madate vaccines for EVERY child regardless of religious or philosophical objection.  Regardless of your child’s genetic code which might make him or her the next medical victim.Wake up, pay attention. For your children and grandchildren, for your nation.  I don’t think we want a nation of future leaders damaged by our system.

Some of us are vaccine damaged and don’t know it (irritable bowel, Alzheimers’s later in life, pediatric cancer — it’s all on the rise.  If you don’t believe me, watch the new documentary “Bought.”)As for me, I will get to meet RFK Jr. at a screening of Trace Amounts (yet another documentary coming to light on this issue). Bob, I am so grateful for the work you are doing to help educate our legislators on this very dangerous issue.  Glad you are thinking about your legacy and ours, someone has to.



  1. Once again MSJ nails it! This is a global initiative to perpetuate this house of cards, and at the same time, gain TOTAL CONTROL over what is left of our freedom. Imagine doctor reports to the STATE on your PERSONAL physician and mental health.

  2. Once again MSJ nails it! This is a global initiative to perpetuate this house of cards, and at the same time, gain TOTAL CONTROL over what is left of our freedom. Imagine doctor reports to the STATE on your PERSONAL PHYSICAL AND MENTAL health.

  3. I think you are minimizing the harm done by the diseases we are vaccinated against and thus minimizing the benefit of vaccines. Of course there isn’t 100% effectiveness or safety. If you wait for a 100% guarantee of effectiveness or safety, you won’t be able to move. But when’s the last time you saw someone with polio? Or smallpox? A lot of the diseases we are vaccinated against are potentially deadly or crippling. I’m not saying get every vaccine ever made, but find a doctor you trust and get most of them per medical recommendations. If you have concerns because of genetic propensities such as toward allergic reactions, discuss them with your doctor. I had chickenpox as a kid and have shingles now. When’s the last time you heard of someone infertile from mumps? You don’t want to subject your poor child(ren) to these things. Vaccines aren’t 100% risk-free and of course should be made with the best possible quality. But they are generally less risky than the diseases they were created to prevent.

    • Elena,

      Thanks for the comment.

      First of all, there is far more damage being done today by vaccines than the diseases they were supposed to protect against. Moreover, there is no proof that any vaccine has ever prevented the spread of disease. In fact, if you take a look at the “Educating Ben” post, you will see real, documented version of history, not the preconceived notion of vaccine medicine the drug makers want you to think. Jonas Salk is on Congressional Record as having regretted ever making the polio vaccine and properly credits it with every case of polio in the United States from 1960-1979. Because polio is transmitted fecal matter to mouth, the advent of indoor plumbing and running water is more to credit with its abolishmemt than Salk’s vaccine. Moreover, we see the beginnings of consumer marketing from drug companies in the polio vaccine saga: Bernard Greenberg from the University of North Carolina School of Public Health and Information also testified in from of Congress in 1972 that information on both Salk’s work and his colleague Wm. Hammon also at U of Pitt who was conducting large-scake clinical trials on immune globulin therapy and curing 80% of the polio cases in his study by using immunotherapy instead of toxins–Greenberg testified work from both men was manipulated in order to give credit to the Salk vaccine for the turnaround. But the reality was polio cases increased 50% the first year after the vaccine was introduced and 80% the second year. Greenberg, like Salk, pointed to the vaccine itself and an effect we now call shedding as the direct reason for the increase.

      Oh the company that marketed Salk’s vaccine? Merck, the largest vaccine manufacturer today.

      To this day, Merck has never come clean on the polio vaccine and, instead, is continuing its same practices today as is exemplified with the massive problem it has on its hands wroth Gardasil.

      So you see Elena, the fact that a lot of these diseases are still around today is the direct result of the vaccines themselves. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle that big pharma is making billions from. Annually. The vaccine market this year alone will top out at $46 billion, and is estimated to hit $52 billion by next year if all this legislation goes through.

      Meanwhile we are spending billions of dollars sparring with Big Pharma’s agenda, taking up tax-payer resources in State hearings nationwide which is sure to clog to courts as legislation that is clearly this unconstitutional continues to pass bought-politician committees. Moreover, vaccine injury is very really–$3 billion and counting real–and more and more injuries will occur as more and more children face forced injections or lose their right to public school.

      By the way, polio had its first outbreak in the US in 1894. By 1950, enough people had survived that there were amble antibidies being passed mother-to-child thru breastfeeding, large-scale outbreak was no longer a threat.

      It’s time to re-evaluate the vaccine system. There’s a reason other countries are banning our vaccines. There’s also a reason you are not hearing about it.

      I invite you to take a look at the mounting pile of evidence, keep an open mind, and welcome the notion that — like the ‘smoking is good for your baby’ ads from the ’50s, when it comes to our kids and our grandkids, the science should never be in.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      The MSJ

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