When you discover something refined and delicious, it’s like you’re experiencing it for the first time.

I have long had a love affair with tomatoes and tomato-ish creations.  But the more I maintain a clean palate, the more I despise canned foods of any kind.

Tomatoes are especially offensive, as their high level of acidity causes a metallic taste in your mouth that — once you notice it —  you can never again ignore.

That’s why when I stumbled upon these organic whole peeled tomatoes in a jar, I got giddy with anticipation.

Well joy of joys, these little delights delivered.

Not only were they mild and smooth, they devilishly retained their bright, sweet tomato flavor.  Keep in mind I once had 19 tomato plants growing in my garden… To me, the idea of a tomato out of anything other than a basket is somewhat criminal. But as we are currently garden-less, growing and ‘canning’ tomatoes in jars is not an option.

After tasting these organic tomatoes my only regret was purchasing one jar instead of three.  To complicate the situation further, I found them at one of those big-box clearance stores — the least likely place to discover such a treasure.

However, I did pull the information from the label so track them down if you share the same love affair for tomatoes as I.  After all, their health benefits are numerous.

The company is Antica Enotria, and their website is exquisite.  And as the tomatoes are grown in Italy, you can find the closest retail outlet through San Francisco import house Lettiere & Co.


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  1. Hi. I’m trying to find Antica Enotria “Ortolana” Tomato Sauce that was distributed by Lettieri & Co at one point. I can’t find any way to buy this sauce anymore and I would buy a case if I could find it. Do you know how I can get it?

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