UPDATE: Gov. Brown signed SB 792 into law over the weekend.

Californians said farewell to another notch in their medical freedom belt, as the Senate passed SB 792 today, sending the controversial bill to Gov. Brown’s desk for signature.

SB 792 will require parents who volunteer at their childrens’ public and private daycare and pre-schools to line up for the MMR, TDap and annual flu shots, or be denied access to volunteer in the classroom.

Despite the bill only requiring three vaccines, in actuality parents will have to submit to 7 vaccines to comply.  That’s because pertussis and measles are only available in the United States in a triple shot (pertussis as part of the TDap as tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis;  measles as part of the MMR as measles, mumps and rubella).  The flu shot will be required annually. 

Parents will have to show proof of their childhood vaccines in order to avoid getting re-vaccinated.

The MMR was responsible for more cash settlements paid out by the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Court in 2014 than any other vaccine. Glaxo Smithkline, the world leader in the manufacture of influenza vaccines, plead guilty in 2012 in the United States to $3 billion in criminal charges — the largest settlement to date at that time between the Justice Department and a drug company.  Yet the legislators of California are putting the parents of our youngest school children in Glaxo Smithkline’s hands.

SB 792, as written, already calls for all daycare and pre-school workers to be vaccinated to keep their jobs.  Parents will have to seek medical exemptions based on “pregnancy, intent to become pregnant or lactation,” as well as fertility issues which are mentioned in vaccine inserts. 

The SB 277 referendum effort continues to push through, facing fundraising challenges over the next two weeks which will determine its fate.  Will advocates raise enough money and signatures to push back medical tyranny in California?

Insiders say it is going to be very, very close.

It’s no surprise, The Mom Street Journal has learned, that big pharma and healthcare are behind SB 792 as well as SB 277.   Sen. Anthony Mendoza, who is the sponsor Sen. Anthony Mendozaof SB 792, received more than $161,000 in campaign donations from pharmaceutical and health care companies, the likes of which include Eli Lilly ($14,500); chief lobbyist for SB 277 and advisors to Sens. Pan and Allen, California Medical Association ($23,600); Super Pac PHRMA, which is comprised primarily of vaccine manufacturers ($10,640), and California Association of Psychiatric Technicians ($25,200).

Mendoza’s largest campaign contributor is the California Democratic Party at $289,844. California democrats are leading the charge against medical freedom in California, as SB 792 and SB 277 are just two in a handful of democratic-sponsored bills currently making their way through Sacramento.

Stay tuned.


To donate funds to help gather signatures for the referendum, click here: http://www.gofundme.com/SB277Referendum.

To donate funds to help fund the CDC Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally in October, click here: www.cdcTRUTH.org


  1. well just wait till theres no more parents volunteering putting their kids in daycare and no more daycare workers. then what. If it was me Id quit and do something else. They pay you nothing to work in a day care to begin with To make yourself sick forever for a good paying job let alone a job that pays nothing is stupid if you ask me. I would never do It . Id live in a cardboard box first

  2. It is hard for me to believe this is the US, let alone California. This law is exponentially more dangerous as any amount of vaccinations can be added to it. I wonder if the Communist countries at their worst even did this. In my mind I cannot find a way how this could be constitutional.

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    • That is the truth, Beth. But it is intimidating for some at first, and it takes time to adjust. The best thing I recommend is that families just take the plunge and give it a try. Not everyone is ready for it, and for some it turns the household into a battle field. That is not productive. Whenever there is a concern or disagreement about school in our home, we sit down as a family and break down what the issue really is, and we try to adjust the system so it works for everyone.

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