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Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.19.43 PMIt’s time.  We’re finally having the conversation in nearly every home in America. 

Parents with autistic children have been having the conversation for decades, but now they are finally being heard. 

That’s because nobody grabs headlines faster than an A-list celebrity who rarely speaks.  Their power can move mountains, save rain forests and elect presidents.  The less exposed the celebrity, the more they are heard when they do speak.

Enter Mr. Robert De Niro.

Mr. De Niro has been a force of nature on the silver screen.  Everything from Taxi Driver to The Godfather, to Raging Bull, Deer Hunter, The King of Comedy, Awakenings, Goodfellas, Casino, Jackie Brown, American Hustle, Meet the Parents, Silver Linings Playbook — this man is American cinema royalty.

For 52 years, the only lines we’ve heard from Mr. De Niro have been written by other people.

Until now.

For the second time in a month, and in his most candid interview to date, Mr. De Niro yesterday spoke openly about the risk of vaccine injury, and the importance of thinking for yourself. 

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here.  But because we think there’s something about the power of the written word, we’ve transcribed it for you here:

“I think the movie is something that people should see.  There was a backlash which I haven’t fully explored and I will, but and I didn’t want it to start affecting the festival in ways that I couldn’t see,” said De Niro.  “But definitely there’s something to that movie, and there’s another movie called  Trace Amounts.  And there’s a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies.  There are a lot of things that are not said. I, as a parent of a child who has autism, I’m concerned.  And I want to know the truth. I’m not anti-vaccine, I want safe vaccines.  Some people can’t get a certain type of shot, and they can die from it.  You know, even penicillin. So why should that not be with vaccines? And it isn’t.  That’s all.”

The Today Show’s manhost (sorry, we don’t watch mainstream news anymore so I have no idea what his name is)  went on to ask about De Niro’s 18-year-old son being autistic, and De Niro going public about it a few weeks ago, and whether he will now have a role in the conversation going forward.  To which De Niro replied:

“Possibly, yes. Because the thing is, to shut it down, there’s no reason to.  If you’re scientists, let’s see.  Let’s hear.  Everybody doesn’t seem to want to hear much about it. It’s shut down.  And you guys should be the ones who should be investigating, do the investigating.”

When Savanah Guthrie starts to point out that it was Wakefield, the film maker and Director of Vaxxed, who had been discredited and that people were questioning the film because of him, De Niro came to his defense by saying, “Even he, I’m not so sure about. At the end of the day, even him.”

Jane Rosenthal spoke about the Suskind film on autism, and De Niro quickly pointed out that was a different film. 

“It’s a beautiful film but it’s another thing.  It’s not about, it’s not questioning how people, some people, got autism.  How the vaccines are dangerous if given, if for certain people who are more susceptible. And they don’t, nobody seems to want to address that.  Or they say they’ve addressed it and it’s a closed issue but it doesn’t seem to be because people will come out and say I saw my kid change overnight.  I saw what happened and I should’ve done something and I didn’t. So there’s more to this than meets the eye, believe me.”

The Today Show’s manhost then asks De Niro if that is what happened to his son, to which De Niro replys:

“My wife says that, I don’t remember but, my child is autistic. And every kid is different.  But there is something there.  There’s something there that people aren’t addressing.  And for me to get so upset here, today, on the Today show with you guys, means there’s something there.  All I want is for the movie (Vaxxed) to be seen, people can make their own judgment.  But you must see it, and you know there are other things, other films that document and show.  It’s not such a simple thing.”

Savanah: “Do you regret pulling it now?”

“Part of me does, and part of me says let it go for now.  And I’ll deal with it later, in another way.  Because I didn’t want the festival to be affected in another way, because it was like a knee-jerk reaction. Especially from the film makers (who threatened to pull out if it was shown), frankly.  Whoever they were and I didn’t ask, but now I will ask.”

Today’s manhost says “Review in the scientific community is that there is no link there, do you agree with that?”

“I believe it’s much more complicated than that.  It’s much more complicated than that. There is a link, and they’re saying there isn’t but there is.  The obvious one is thimerisol, which is the mercury-based preservative.  There are other things there, I don’t know I’m not a scientist.  But I know, because I’ve seen so much reaction about — let’s just just find out the truth.  Let’s just find out the truth.  I’m not anti-vaccine as I say, but I’m pro safe vaccines.  And there are some people who cannot take vaccines and they have to be found out and warned.  You just don’t give a kid a bunch of shots and then something happens.  Some parents in the documentary (Vaxxed) say ‘I knew I shouldn’t have done it, I knew I shouldn’t have done it, I talked to the doctor and he’s the doctor, I should listen.  I did it, the next day … can you imagine how the parent feels?”

Savanah (bless her little indoctrinated heart), goes on to spew the same old rhetoric: “The fear is that parents will stop vaccinating their kids, which leads to a higher rate of measles, mumps, etc.” (clearly she has not read the Johns Hopkins protocol on vaccines shedding live virus).

But he has:

“I’m don’t know if those statistics are accurate, I’m not the one to say.  But I would question even that.  There’s a kind of hysteria, a knee-jerk reaction.  Let’s see.  As I say, everyone should have the choice to take vaccines, some places it’s becoming mandatory.  But it does benefit the big drug companies, funnily enough.”

What Rosenthal does next must have made De Niro seethe.  Because she basically calls the data wrong in the film and then says read the reviews. 

Well, I’ve read the reviews. And because our media is bought and sold by big pharma (up to 70% of all ad revenue is from the folks who brought you ‘ask your doctor’), you will not find a fair review of this film anywhere in mainstream media.

So let me give you one.

From the cool winds of February to the late autumn breezes of October, moms and dads last year in California lived through an onslaught of legislative and media assault that twisted the threat of vaccine injury into a carnal, political reality — resulting in a California that has destroyed parental rights and forced many families to choose between protecting their child and having access to an education. 

With nowhere to run, parents turned to political activism through any and all outlets including social media. In a short period of time, grassroots parental rights groups were scrambling to add activism to their already overly taxed schedules and began to compare notes.  The reality that America was experiencing political assault in the form of 110 vaccine mandate bills rolled out in 36 states very quickly began to sink in. But despite best efforts, by early 2016 it became apparent that California would lose out, and parents fighting for their freedom would inherit a political landscape littered with ineffective campaigns, accusations of internal sabotage and controlled opposition and a majority of bought, heartless politicians. 

Enter VaxxedSelected then deselected by Tribeca Film Festival, and then twelve days later dropped by Houston’s Worldfest Film Festival, the documentary about government fraud to hide the connection between the MMR and autism fits right in with the controversial narrative already in play in California.

The film reveals riveting, unwinding accusations, data and voice recordings of Centers for Disease Control Senior Scientist Dr. William Thompson and Dr. Brian Hooker, and takes viewers on a journey that feels somewhat like the cruel wizard finally providing a peek behind the autistic curtain.
Hooker reveals compelling information that the risk of autism is substantially affected by the age at which the measles/mumps & rubella vaccine (MMR) is given, as well as race.  He managed to legally record Thompson’s claims without his knowledge, and excerpts of those phone conversations are in the film. 
Not only does this 90-minute journey bravely and cooperatively delve into the intimidating and often excruciatingly detailed minutia of scientific study, it also commingles the autism/vaccine narrative with a helpful and gentle blend of graphic, audio and video elements that lead every viewer to the same conclusion: regardless of where you stand on this highly polarizing issue, William Thompson must be subpoenaed if we are ever to learn more about where we’ve been and where we need to go in this tragic, painful world of beautiful, helpless, injured children.
After all, despite more than 1,082,000+ cases of autism diagnosed in 2014 juxtaposed by 644 cases of measles in that same year, families and friends touched by the autistic ring of fire have painfully walked through a world of misinformation, invisibility and abandonment for far too many years.
Given the choice for my kid to have measles versus autism, I’ll take the measles.
The documentary is directed by Andy Wakefield and Produced by Del Bigtree.
Because Hooker and Wakefield broke the story of Thompson in August of 2014, news about Thompson is not new (nor is the controversy surrounding Wakefield’s ordeal when he published the link between gastrointestinal distress and the MMR).  However adding Bigtree as narrator for part of the story is new, and adds a smart anchor throughout the film that helps create narrative cohesion.
Bigtree, who left his position as an Emmy-Award-Winning producer and investigative medical journalist for the hit television show The Doctors, is an important addition, especially when considering the star of the film is a bunch of scientific data, stemming from Thompson — a witness you can’t interview on camera.
While Vaxxed doesn’t provide all the answers, its raises all the right questions.  It also drives home the key message: regardless of what side of the vaccine debate you live on, a senior scientist at the CDC making claims of this magnitude must be deposed.  Whether you believe Thompson or not, the alarmingly increasing rate of autism around the world doesn’t lie.  Something must be done, or our children and our future as a nation is at great risk.
If vaccines work, why all the controversy?  Why would film makers opt for censorship? (We don’t believe it was the film makers, btw.)  Isn’t art the vehicle by which we are allowed to have freedom of expression in America?  If this film, as its detractors claim, is dead wrong, why would ‘high ranking government officials’ in Houston be afraid for you to see it?
Folks at the Ocala Silver Springs International Film Festival certainly weren’t afraid to see the movie.  And in between Tribeca and Houston, the director of SSIFF selected Vaxxed to receive the Director’s Special Selection award.  Lines snaked around the historic Marion Theatre at dusk Sunday as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends of children in the autism and health freedom community righteously filed into the plush, red seats. “I drove all the way from Tallahassee,” said one mother.  “I can’t wait to see this movie, and I am so grateful to Ocala for showing it.” 
The screening was sold out by Sunday morning. 
Ironically, while California’s hijacked politicians are wandering in the desert literally stealing water, Vaxxed was taking refuge at the Ocala festival, which coincidentally boasts one of the largest aquifers in the world
“It doesn’t matter what Tribeca did or didn’t do, we were in a position to actually screen it and that’s what this community is all about,” said Greg Thompson, Director of SSIFF.   “The minute you can’t do it, you are eroding your community and you are in trouble. Our American community has been in trouble for a while, and people aren’t paying attention.”
In the interest of full disclosure, yours truly had an existing relationship with SSIFF and its director.  As a member
VAXXED Co-Producer      Kelly Gallagher

VAXXED Co-Producer
      Kelly Gallagher

of the Screen Actor’s Guild including the SAG Nominating Committee, I had been an juror for SSIFF two years ago.  That pre-existing relationship enabled me to play matchmaker with SSIFF Director Greg Thompson and
Vaxxed Co-Producer Kelly Gallagher.  But my role was nothing more than dot connector, as exploitation of the De Niro factor by mainstream media had already made festival director Thompson well aware of the film.

Ironically, despite the hullabaloo, none of the mainstream media who advised the public not to see the film, showed up Sunday.
“Where are the critics who told everyone not to see it? Because they didn’t see it,” said Co-Producer Kelly Gallagher.  “Because zero (copies of the film) were sent to film critics prior to this movie’s release.”
Since as much as 70% of advertising revenue in media comes from pharmaceutical companies, it stands to reason this would be why.  It has to be the only reason, since this film wholeheartedly raises very important questions that we as a society need to ask: Why is autism skyrocketing? Did the CDC cover up data as whistle blower Thompson has claimed? Did the MMR, age and race play a significant role in the autism diagnosis?  Why is our government refusing to subpoena a man who has put his entire career and life on the line? Could it be because the government is essentially now partnered with pharma on the vaccine program, and is poised to make billions, given that the United States represents 45% of the global vaccine market?
Vaxxed is well written, well produced, and is a heartfelt plea for us to hold these government agencies accountable for their actions.  Cinema Libre is dedicated to making this documentary available to the world.  Release date has been moved forward to accommodate demand and, according to their management, a widespread theatrical release is in the works.
I know it’s hard to wait.  I know we all are clamoring to see it.  But hear this well: don’t wait to see the film to get involved in making a change.  Because this film isn’t going to save us, we are going to save ourselves.  Reach out to your state congressperson now, by asking them to insist that William Thompson be subpoenaed.  Copy and paste the information below and share it with your community.  By taking action now, you will be contributing to the solution in a very real way.  By the time you do see the film, you will be able to take great pride in already having taken a very real step in helping the world be one step closer to waking up.
Click here to find your representative.
Dear Congressperson,

It is with great concern that I implore you to demand that Senior Research Scientist Dr. William Thompson of the Centers for Disease Control be subpoenaed in order to reveal what he knows about fraud and cover up at the CDC with regard to the MMR and autism.

Congressman William Posey of Florida made this request last July but it has been ignored. As a constituent from your district I am counting on you to do the right thing and represent the millions of families currently suffering from this alarming diagnosis by following up on this request to ensure that the American people know the truth.



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