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OCALA, FL (April 5, 2016) Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe has been awarded the laurel for Festival Director’s Special Selection at the 3rd annual Silver Springs International Film Festival, Ocala, Florida.  

The film, which highlights explosionary accusations by Center’s for Disease Control Senior Scientist Dr. William Thompson (aka the #CDCWhistleblower), reveals compelling evidence that the CDC manipulated, misled the public and destroyed significant data linking Autism to the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella).

Thompson’s claims are a direct contradiction to the CDC’s guidelines for vaccinations which, since the late ‘80s when pharmaceutical companies were given immunity from liability, has escalated in frequency to 49 doses of vaccines by the age of five.

Ocala is the first film festival to receive VAXXED internationally.  

“After watching parents’ voices be silenced in California last year with the elimination of personal belief exemptions for vaccines, I felt a need to do everything possible to bring this film to Ocala,” said Ocala native Lori Martin Gregory, editor and publisher of The Mom Street Journal (  “Florida is still a personal belief state,” said Martin Gregory.  “Ocalans need to know the time is now to protect their rights, or they will be gone.”

Martin Gregory, who was heavily involved in opposing SB277 in California last year, brought VAXXED to the attention of SSIFF Director Greg Thompson (no relation to Dr. Thompson) just a few days ago.  Thompson immediately said yes, and took action to make way for the film’s arrival this Sunday.

“Our festival is founded on the principle that good stories and important stories make good film, so it’s only natural that a film like VAXXED would find its way to us,” Thompson said.  “It is a privilege for us to screen the work of talented, independent filmmakers.  So when a film like VAXXED comes along, we have a responsibility to share it with the world.”

Autism, if allowed to continue to rise at the current rate in the United States, puts the U.S. population of children at 1 in 2 with an autism diagnosis by the year 2032.  A controversial subject among parents who have been polarized by the ongoing vaccine/autism debate, the U.S. Government has continued to dismiss the connection while simultaneously offering no solution.

That polarized debate is partially why VAXXED, which was originally selected by Academy Award-Winner© Robert De Niro for his Tribeca Film festival, was removed just days later in a swirl of controversy.  Since then, public demand for the filmed has exploded.  

“Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression are alive and well in the City of Ocala, and are the cornerstone of this community,” said Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn. “We as a nation cannot allow a government organization, or our government at large, to perpetrate any cover-up. And we cannot ask an already marginalized community to reach its fullest potential while simultaneously compromising the health and well-being of our children and our future.”

Florida Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL 8th Dist.), whose district is within 300 miles of Ocala, is featured in the documentary.  Posey vetted all communication related to the CDC Whistleblower, and has repeatedly asked Congress to subpoena Dr. Thompson.  To date, his requests have gone unanswered.

VAXXED debuted this weekend at the Angelika FiIm Center in New York City to standing room only. It is now in the process of being released internationally by Cinema Libre.

“While making the film, we spoke to so many medical professionals who are afraid to speak out publicly against the pharmaceutical companies and their influence on the medical industry,” said Del Bigtree, producer of VAXXED and an Emmy© award-winning television producer from the show The Doctors.   “When the CDC Whistleblower story broke last year, not one mainstream news outlet ran the story. Either they were asleep at the wheel or were in a coma induced by their pharmaceutical advertisers.”

“Our aim with this movie is to take this complex, high-level fraud and give it context as we weave through the tragic street-level narratives of ordinary families affected by autism,” said Andy Wakefield. “We hope the film will help, at a minimum, push Congress to subpoena Dr. William Thompson and investigate this fraud at the CDC. ”

Cinema Libre Studio is a full-service mini-studio known for producing and distributing high concept feature films and social impact documentaries.  Headquartered in the Los Angeles area, the team has released over 200 films.

Silver Springs International Film Festival and Ocala Film Foundation are dedicated to leading our community in creative and cultural discovery through the medium of motion pictures.  Together we are committed to creating a sustainable future for generations of area filmmakers and film lovers to come. Join us in celebrating our 3rd year.  For media inquiries, please contact Michael Roberts,, 312.810.2076.

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  1. I cannot wait to see this film. It is high time for the truth to be known. And this isn’t just about autism. Please ask yourself…when is the best time to inject aluminum and mercury and formaldehyde and even DNA from aborted fetuses into our bodies?

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