Why Milk is Bad (...and not Michael Jackson Bad)


One of the best decisions I ever made was to stop drinking milk.

As a ‘dairy queen,’ by the age of 38 I was drinking on average two gallons of milk a week. I was starting to have joint pain, continued gall bladder attacks, and a general stiffness that made getting up in the morning very difficult.

The famous Loretta (see my ‘about’ page), enlightened me, and I eliminated milk from my diet completely.

“We are the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal,” she explained. “Cow’s milk is for the baby calves, just like when we are born we are supposed to drink the milk from our mothers. And when it’s done, we’re supposed to be done with it. That’s it.” She went on to explain that milk was a product invented by dairy farmers as a way to increase profits.

Oh, and did you know that the National Dairy Council is the most powerful lobbyist group in Washington, D.C.? They are the creators of that sexy ad campaign, ‘Got Milk?’ Did you ever wonder: if milk is so good for us, why do they have to pay celebrities millions of $$$ in endorsements to pose with white mustaches on their faces?

But don’t take my word for it, read the writings of Dr. Frank Oski, author of “Don’t Drink Your Milk!,” and former Director of the Department of Pediatrics of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Dr. Oski is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of 19 medical textbooks and has written 290 medical manuscripts.

Repeatedly, in my Ayurvedic practice, I treat clients who have such a hard time giving this up. Many of us still drink milk, even well past the age of 30, and most adults drink 1 or 2% which is even worse, since reduced fat milk is even more processed than regular milk and contains even less digestive enzymes and is therefore even harder for the body to break down. Now, as parents, we have to worry about additives like bovine growth hormone (BGH) and antibiotics… there has never been a better time to stop.

If we are having a hard time giving up milk, we can benefit from taking a look at a lack of feeling nurtured in our lives. Usually the need to drink milk or eat creamy ice cream at night is a symptom of still wanting that motherly nurturing or nourishment. Taking a look at that, consciously, will enable us to find other, healthier ways to have this primal need met.

If you are willing to stop drinking milk, below is a great recipe for a dairy substitute. My friend, Melody Elder, gave me the original idea and I’ve embellished it slightly with coconut milk to make it creamier. Our three-year-old son LOVES it, and I often drink it straight. The cost is less than a gallon of milk on average, and it makes for a great base for shakes and green drinks.

If you stop drinking milk (keep in mind it takes 3-6 months to detox from dairy and you may feel worse before you feel better), on occasion you may be able to enjoy ice cream or cheeses without any issue (be sure to take a good digestive enzyme before you do). And if you really want to be sure your kids are getting enough calcium, remember milk causes so much mucous in the gut it PREVENTS the absorption of vitamins and minerals! So eliminating milk and upping your intake of green vegetables like broccoli and kale will do wonders for your ingestion of calcium. Plus, taking a calcium magnesium supplement can never hurt.


Almond Milk

Homemade YUMMY Almond Milk

This recipe is for a creamy batch, makes little over a half a gallon.

1/3 cup raw, organic almond butter (about $15/jar at your local health food store, yields about 4 gallons total per jar)

5 organic dates, pitted (about $9 for a bag of 25)

3/4 cup coconut milk (I use a half a can of Thai Kitchen cause it’s super creamy, you may want an organic brand… minimize your use of canned products as studies are showing evidence of BPA in canned goods)

3 quarts of clean water

Place all ingredients in a Vita-mix or a high-speed blender. Store in the fridge in a glass jar. Good luck keeping it in the house, it will be gone before you know it!!

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  1. hi … I do not do Dairy, but I am making home made Almond Milk from Almonds

    2 cups – Almonds which has been soaked in water over night and morning remove water.
    In blender add:
    4 cups of filtered water
    1 pinch of Hymalayan (Pink) Salt
    2 tbls of Honey
    Blendit well in high spead and strain it.

    I am also making an OAT MILK
    2 cups of Rolled Oats – souked for 20 min in water
    4 cups of Water
    blendid well in blender and filter.

    Left-over of Almond/Oat “mush” I am saving and using as Flour REPLACEMENT in recipes for Muffin, Pies or Pies … yummy and have much more nutriences

    • the mom street journal on


      That sounds fantastic! How yummy. Do you have children, and do they drink it as well? I find children are much more open to alternative milk sources if they have never gotten a taste for animal milk. I love that you are soaking your own almonds and making milk from that. Do you find there is a lot left that you have to strain out? Is your high speed mixer a vitamix? I am guessing the vitamix would blend it all and you would have no waste. Also, have you tried dehydrating the almonds before mixing them? I use a dehydrator for my soaked spelt berries before making flour.

      Thanks so much for sharing!



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